Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 18 Review

The episode starts with Trina crying again.

Genevieve and Leslie starts taking pictures enjoying their time in the Villa and all of the OGS start being haters!

Genevieve is liking Charlie and doesn’t feel Cashay is his type,

Josh and the boys are mad that Genevieve is acting a little different. I think he’s jealous that he doesn’t have the social media following Genevieve and Leslie has and tries to act like he don’t care.

The villa plays a game and Cinco and Shannon is getting all of the pies!

I love Leslie, she’s bringing the drama. She doesn’t owe anyone loyalty. Same with Genevieve.

They’re the outcast of the group and I always love the outcast lol.

Korey and Olivia relationship is fake.

Will is a horrible guy to Kyra and I want to break them up but apparently they’re faking it for the money.

Charlie and Genevieve starts talking about social media and the guys are questioning Leslie and Genevieve intentions. I think it’s funny that those two had that conversation because I’ve always had a feeling that Charlie’s intentions aren’t 100% because of the same reason, social media.

He’s walking around the villa as if he’s an OG trying to fit in and prove so hard that he’s actually there for love.

The whole cast screams scam this season actually so them picking on Leslie and Genevieve about it is annoying.

It’s sad that Josh and Shannon are the strongest couple there because I don’t too much care for them winning.

This argument at the end is annoying me. The OG’s are annoying. Will, Josh especially. Genevieve didn’t have to bring up Josh and Shannon’s sexual relations though.

The USA version is kind of a more annoying version of the UK version.

This cast is just very bad now. We were fooled in the beginning.

Sunday there’s an elimination, thank you! Leslie is not in the votes, she must’ve left the villa after seeing how annoying everyone was.