Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 17 Review

The episode starts off with Will telling Kyra about his time with Flo during Casa Amor. He’s scared to tell her. Will starts lying to Kyra telling her that he never thought about choosing Flo.

Shannon and Josh starts arguing again and Shannon is mad Josh slept in the bed with another girl. That argument made Josh slip and share that Will almost coupled with Flo and I’m sure Shannon will tell Kyra.

Trina wants to know what Cinco want and finally realizes that he doesn’t deserve her.

Olivia starts to feel something for Korey, that’s weird. Korey says he feel something too. Korey and Olivia both don’t know what they want to maybe they’re planning to fake a couple at this point. They both can go home. Overstayed their welcome.

Cashay says she can’t move on with Charlie until she let’s Cinco go.

Cinco is showing how childish he is in relationships. He’s very horrible at them. Cashay and Trina both are seeing it.

I feel like Kyra and Will are playing a game. They went in with the intentions to stick together and win. They possibly knew each other.

Cashay and Shannon Broadway performance was hilarious.

I just don’t see Korey and Leslie together as a couple. Friends, yes.

Cinco finally tells Trina that he wants Cashay. Trina let’s him know that he robbed her of her experience in the villa. I feel bad for Trina now. She should’ve left him alone in the beginning.

Now Cinco is about to fight for Cashay. It’s Charlie Vs. Cinco now.

Cashay is encouraging Korey to talk to Olivia. I think she’s doing it because those are her close friends in the house. Olivia and Korey kisses and there’s nothing there. I want them to couple up so I can vote them off.

Shannon and Genevieve had a conversation together about their past beef and put it to rest.

Cashay still wants to pursue Cinco.

Well next episode will be crazy. I spoke too soon about Shannon and Genevieve being cool….