Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 16 Review

It’s time to say goodbye to Casa Amor!

Decisions are being made tonight.

Everyone in the villa seems confused about what’s going on.

Cashay wants Charlie and looks great with Charlie but still had Cinco on her mind. Cinco wants Cashay but is messing with Leslie. I don’t know how trustworthy Charlie is though.

Will wants Flo, it’s obvious.

Kam thinks Olivia wants him.

Genevieve and Jeremy seems set. If he don’t pick her to bring back, I would be surprised.

Isabel don’t know where Korey’s head at.

Olivia is not feeling Kam at all. She’s not feeling anyone. She’s holding up space in the house.

It’s time for the re-coupling

Josh and Shannon stays together.

Jeremy picks Genevieve and Shannon throws shade at Genevieve? This is weird because Shannon doesn’t know what Genevieve been doing in the villa and also Shannon follows Genevieve on Instagram and likes her photos. I’m confused.

Olivia picked to stay single. I’m not surprised, she needs to go home.

Cinco choose to stick with Trina. I don’t think he’s falling his heart though. Trina think there’s still a chance for them but I don’t see it.

Korey picked to couple up with Leslie over Isabel. I’m honestly shocked. Now Cashay, Trina, Leslie and Cinco are all in the Villa.

Cashay picked Charlie!

Will picked to stay with Kyra. Javonny said this would happen on the chat with Cely and Justine even though he said he don’t see them being a match.

2 new girls and 1 new guy will enter the villa.

Flo says she feels bad now that she’s seen Kyra.

Tomorrow’s episode is one big mess.

Olivia liking Korey? Stop lying and get out the villa.