Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 13 Review

The episode started with the dumping!

The islander decided to keep Olivia and Jeremy. Sending Javonny, Florita, Aimee and Wes home.

These islanders are not very smart at making decisions, I will say that. This episode just genuinely made me not even like the season.

Javonny deserved to stay over Jeremy. Jeremy has been playing games with every girl! Olivia did not deserve to stay because she’s been dragging Javonny along the whole season without telling him how she really feel. Aimee should’ve stayed or at least Florita.

Cashay carelessness over Javonny leaving is making me side-eye her.

I wish Love Island would’ve told the truth and let us actually pick who stays!

Also they’re playing a game and the show just got incredibly boring. I don’t even have much to say about this episode because it’s so boring.

Let’s hope the Casa Amor newbies can save it.

Well the rest of this episode is more annoying Cinco, Trina and Cashay drama. Oh brotha…

Javonny is a main trending topic on Twitter tonight and Love Island isn’t? That’s funny

Episode heads towards the end with more crying from Trina.

It’s getting old.

Cashay and Cinco have a conversation and she’s literally forcing him to pick her. I’m starting to think Cinco don’t want neither of them. His head just might turn.

Sunday night, get ready for Casa Amor!