Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 11 Review

The day is here. It’s the day where the people can vote a couple off!

This episode started off when Florita still having feelings for Korey even though she picked Jeremy over him. Korey wants to pursue her but he feel that she already made her decision.

Javonny is starting to open his eyes that Olivia is not feeling him finally. Olivia is the fakest out of all of the girls.

The couples plays a couple about who knows each other better and this game revealed a lot. Javonny is finally starting to open his eyes. Olivia do not want him and even admitted that she would cheat, run Javonny!

Olivia says she have feelings for Will and I’ve never seen them even talk on camera. That feeling that she swear is there was never shown, I think she’s lying and just waiting for a new guy.

Josh and Shannon starts to get into a small argument about the game and they’ll be back ok the next episode.

Olivia, Korey and Cashay all plans to blow up the villa.

Cashay will talk to Cinco and Olivia is going to attempt to that Will from Kyra.

We get to vote a couple off as well…….

Vote Javonny and Olivia to stay so Javonny can make it to Casa Amor.