Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 10 Review

The episode starts off with Shannon and Josh going to the Hideaway!

They definitely had, you know what. TWICE! I’m happy for them.

Slade announces that he’s going home and no one has any idea why but hope his family is okay.

Olivia and Javonny gets to go to the market together and cook food for the house.

Korey and Florita have a small talk about their relationship and Florita gets real emotional.

Back while Olivia and Javonny is shopping the two get really romantic in the store but I feel like this relationship is still very one sided. Olivia feels like she’s forcing it and it’s starting to get annoying because I just feel like she’s playing Javonny.

Wes and Aimee has a deeper talk and I don’t even know where this could go.

Camera goes to Will and Kyra and they’re not doing much on the show. It’s very boring. It’s getting to the point that I want them to switch it up and find someone new.

Florita is crying again because she kind of realize that she really have deep feelings for Korey as well. I kind of feel like Korey is a much better choice for Florita than Jeremy.

Jeremy is the most wishy washy boy in the Villa followed by Isaiah. Both seem to be playing a game and not actually looking for a real connection.

Florita ends up picking Jeremy instead of Korey but I’m grateful that Cashay was able to pick Korey!

Aimee picked Wes and Isaiah is sent home!

I seen that coming because Isaiah was very wishy washy. Very.

Tomorrow we get to vote a couple out.

Well goodbye Florita and Jeremy.