Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 8 Review

The episode starts with Isaiah and Jeremy both having conversations. They’re both into Aimee but Isaiah is not fully sure who’s he’s 100% into.

Olivia and Javonny shared a passionate kiss but I feel like Olivia is giving off a very fake vibe. It don’t seem genuine on her end. Javonny do like her though.

The challenge the gang played was hilarious. Lei-Yen laid one on Cinco and Trina was jealous . Roxy surprised everyone and jumped out of her shell, even had Jeremy interested. Olivia finally gave Javonny a little attention.

Isaiah have a deep conversation with Cashay and they had a passionate kiss. Cash, Roxy and Aimee all have a conversation about Isaiah saying the same thing to all of them. Is Isaiah playing them? Cashay starts to feel sad about her time in the villa. She’s tired of just being another option for the men in the villa and not the only option. I agree with her, she’s so amazing.

Later Javonny and Cashay have a talk about her experience in the Villa and he comforts her and let her know to remember her worth. He’s truly the best guy in the Villa.

Cashay and Isaiah have another conversation and he tells her that he’s having the best time with her and then a conversation with Roxy and he likes her too.

Not sure how this re-coupling is going to go.

Korey picks Florita which secures her spot in the Villa. Cinco chooses Trina. Javonny grabs Olivia and now it’s down to Cashay, Roxy and Lei-Yen!

And it’s Isaiah’s pick and he picks Cashay! I love it.

I wanted Lei-Yen to stay. I wish there could’ve been at least two. I also loved Roxy, she seemed to open up a lot.

Now Sunday’s episode we get two new guys Slade and Wes. Aimee is not feeling Jeremy. Javonny seems to see that Jeremy is being fake as well.