Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 7 Review

The episode starts off with Trina disrespecting Cashay while laughing and smiling over Cinco finally choosing her in her face. Cinco still haven’t had the talk with Cash.

Cinco kissed Cashay 40 minutes before even confessing his love to Trina, he’s being trash.

Both Trina and Cinco were being very horrible to Cashay which is making them so unlikable and makes me want them off the show.

The new girls pick dates! LeiYen takes Cinco, Florita takes Josh and Roxy takes Isaiah.

Back at home Javonny and Korey talks about why no one wants to date them and America is confused too. Javonny has the most personality ever in that house. I would love to see her couple up with someone.

The dates went nice. Roxy and Isaiah clicked very well. Lei-Yen and Cinco seems to be a thing starting up. Florita and Josh don’t seem to be a thing that’s going to happen but he’s okay with still talking to her.

Shannon and Josh are getting very strong in Shannon’s opinion but he’s not telling 100% of what went down on the date. He still wants to talk to Florita just to keep his options open.

Later, the game the gang played was steamy. Cashay and Isaiah kiss stood out the most. Maybe there could be something there and Korey and Florita are kind of on the same page and I could see them coupling up in the Villa next.

Tune in tomorrow for the re-coupling. It’s the girls pick again? I thought they take turns.