Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 6 Review

The episode kicked off with Will and Kyra kissing some more and Trina bragging to Shannon about how Cinco mind is changing because of her. Continuously disrespecting Cashay.

Shannon and Josh sits down and have a conversation about where they’re at and Shannon and Josh are opening back up to each other again but Shannon still has her eyes on new boy Isaiah.

Trina is looking very desperate in this episode. Cinco kissed Trina and I feel so bad for Cashay.

Isaiah is realizing that he’s more into Aimee than Shannon.

The girls go out on a dinner and 3 new girls enter the villa.

Javonny is recording everything, he’s hilarious.

Lei-Yen, Florita and Roxanne is now in the Villa and ready to set the villa on fire.

The camera switches back to the girls dinner and Trina is being extra as expected. She starts fake crying and playing the victim.

The girls arrive back to the house and sees the new girls and Cashay and Lei-Yen automatically clicks.

Love Island expect me to believe that Korey won all the dates? Hilarious but I was happy to see Korey talk to the new girls.

Cashay talks with Cinco and tells him that he needs to quickly make a decision. Cinco later makes a decision and picks Trina over Cashay.

The episode ends with a preview of tomorrow’s episode. Cinco will talk to Cashay about his decision and the new girls will take a guy of their choice on a date.

I hope that Javonny gets a date. The Love Island producers know that he won one of those dates.