Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 5 Review

This episode starts off showing scenes that was on the Paramount streaming service last night with Isaiah’s entrance.

It then lead into Cinco being even more confused. He’s attracted to Trina but connects more with Cashay.

Isaiah sits down with Aimee and they click very well, Jeremy just may be in trouble with this one. I could see these two really getting together and becoming a couple.

Isaiah also talks with Shannon and they seem to click but not as much as Aimee.

Side note: I love Cashay and Shannon’s friendship.

Cinco isn’t being real. He’s playing with Cashay’s feeling and Trina is a horrible friend. She didn’t handle this situation correctly at all and it truly makes me dislike her as a person.

We get to the game of the night, kissing booth.

Will and Isaiah win for the guys and Shannon and Trina win for the girls.

Cashay starts to realize that maybe Cinco and Trina deserves each other.

Cinco is thinking with the wrong head because I see tons of lust between him and Trina and that’s it.

The episode ends with a preview of 3 new girls arriving tomorrow.

Season 3 has been so good so far. The USA version of Love Island is kind of outdoing the UK version this year.