Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 19 Review

So the episode starts with the aftermath of the argument.

Josh is annoying. Shannon is a mean girl. Cashay is mad at Charlie for telling Genevieve. It’s all a mess.

Trina has Cinco sleeping on the couch and Leslie has left the Villa.

Shannon now wants to claim Genevieve as her little sister.

The gang has a twerk class….

Cashay is seeing that Cinco is being petty and rude and it’s turning Cashay off.

Olivia talks about her trying but she hasn’t did much. The squad realizes that they should’ve saved Javonny instead of saving Jeremy. Finally they said it!

Cashay is crying over Cinco. She said she think Charlie is Prince Charming and she never seen herself as a princess.

Cinco is tired of being labeled a player on national TV.

Charlie is tired of Cashay placing him second to Cinco.

Now Shannon and Genevieve are the best of friends again, interesting.

Cash finally tells Cinco that she wants to put her time 100% into Charlie. This is the best move for Cashay.

The narrator is saying what everyone is thinking. Kyra and Will are so fake. Get both of them out of the Villa.

Charlie is not too happy about Cashay wanting to just focus on him. He wanted Cashay to be all him but now he’s doubting her intentions. He feel she still wants Cinco. If that’s the case split up.

Josh and Shannon finally gets together after a whole 30 minutes of being in everyone else’s business.

The villa plays a heart racing game. Trina think Charlie is hot, don’t get any ideas.

Charlie lifted Genevieve and Cashay is confused why he didn’t do that to her. Kyra is mad that Will didn’t kiss her. Cinco had all of the girls wanting an encore! The chemistry between Cinco and Cashay is there. I don’t see it with Charlie.

This is a fun game that turned into two islanders being DUMPED!

The Top 3 Girls And Boys Are:

Olivia (Production is cheating for her), Shannon and Cashay are all safe.

Kyra, Trina and Genevieve are in the bottom 3.

Charlie, Korey (Production Pawn) and Josh are all safe.

Cinco, Jeremy and Will are all in the bottom 3.

The girls save Trina and the guys save Jeremy (HILARIOUS)!

Cinco and Genevieve were sent packing. I actually voted for these two to stay.

Cashay wanted Cinco out and she wanted Trina out. Olivia and Jeremy was suppose to leave.

Charlie’s true colors is coming out. I didn’t ever think he was that into Cashay.

Kyra does not want to talk to the Villa. Who cares? Will and Kyra are fake. Will is a FBOY with an accent.

Alana picks Will and Jeremy, Elly picks Korey, Bailey picks Jeremy and Korey.

Kyra signed up for this show and told herself she was going to portray the dumb blonde version of herself.

Cashay and Charlie are good again? I don’t buy it.

Will and Shannon has an argument, as much as I can’t stand Shannon I’m glad she’s doing this.

The new girls walk in and the Villa is shocked!

Special episode on Paramount tomorrow.