“Love Is Blind” Season 4 Stars Micah and Irina Are Being Dragged

Love is blind 4 Micah Irina

Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” Season 4 is finally here and the fans already have their favorites and the ones they just cannot stand!!

The first five episodes of season 4 dropped on March 24th.

Micah Lussier, a 27-year-old marketing manager and Irina Solomonova, a 25-year-old business owner are the first two cast members of the season to really catch heat from the fans.

See what they’re saying below:

“Micah and Irina get my blood pressure UPPPP every time I see them giggling over someone crying, they’re actually so despicable this isn’t high school you witches” – Nina

“Micah and Irina remind me of the girls that peaked in high school and never moved on Omg…like I’m literally getting war flashbacks to the “popular” girls I went to high school with😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫” – Clara

“Irina was afraid it was her skin that made her ugly but glad we can all see it was actually her personality that makes her ugly. #loveisblind” – Renee

“Why do Irina and Micah always laugh when other girls are upset and crying?? They’re so insensitive and horrible people. It’s just nasty.” – Tom

“Micah could be fine without Irina. But now she’s drunk & needing to impress Irina when she goes back to tell her what the convo was about.

Very high school. #LoveisBlind4” – _DreadLightly

“That scene of Micah and Irina laughing at Amber makes me sick. I could not imagine being so ugly to another woman like that especially over something that all of us go through at some point.” – Kyrah

Ouch! What are your thoughts?

Synopsis: Singles who want to be loved for who they are have signed up for a less-conventional approach to modern dating in Seattle, and will choose someone to marry without ever meeting them. Over several weeks, the newly engaged couples will move in together, plan their wedding and find out if their physical connection matches their strong emotional bond developed in the Pods. When their wedding day arrives, will real-world realities and external factors push them apart, or will they marry the person they fell blindly in love with? Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, this addictive 12-episode series will uncover whether looks, race or age do matter, or if love really is blind.

Format: Starting March 24th, new episodes of Love Is Blind will roll out each Friday across 12 episodes, following the couples’ journey for love:

*Week 1 (Friday, March 24): Episodes 1-5

*Week 2 (Friday, March 31): Episodes 6-8

*Week 3 (Friday, April 7): Episodes 9-11

*Week 4 (Friday, April 14): Episode 12

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