“Big Brother” Season 25 Casting Information Revealed

Cbs big brother 25

CBS’s “Big Brother” Season 24 recently came to the end but the fans cannot stop talking about the season and what went down inside and outside of the house!!

The “Big Brother” fandom is so big that there’s already many speculations going around about the 25th season.

#BB25 ended up trending on Twitter following the spoilers from SpoilerGirl.

The account shared:

“Okay let’s have some fun…. #BB25

Someone from BB15 was contacted and yes I am shocked.”

“BB24 Female (Jury)
BB24 Male (Jury)
BB23 Male (Pre-Jury)
BB23 Male (F6 -F2)
BB15 Female (Juror)”

“BTW it’s important to note that some people are being cast on The Challenge and that will impact BB25 if they choose to do a returning player season. #BB25 #TheChallenge”

“Alright here we go…. I can’t say names, but I think this is good hints.

Leftovers + Pride
Smokin Joe
Chicago Politics

There are your hints. #BB25”

“HG’s like Joseph, Monte, Elissa are three they would have considered for BB25, but odds are if they accept, they will be on The Challenge. #BB25 #TheChallenge”

“I don’t have confirmation yet, but I think BB19 is Jason or Alex, but don’t shoot the messenger.

Same with BB20 I believe it’s Kaitlyn or Haleigh. #BB25”

So much news so early! Do you think the producers will go with newbies or past cast members in the end?

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