“The Circle” Vets Terilisha and Savannah Goes Viral For Iconic Feud

Savannah Terilisha the circle

Netflix’s “The Circle” Season 5 is currently airing on Netflix but the premiere is just making fans think about the past seasons!

Season 2 was automatically deemed one of the best seasons of the USA version and we have to agree.

There was tons of personality this season and real feuds that are still in place today. DeLeesa ended up taking home the win and it was well deserved.

One particular feud that is still alive today is Terilisha and Savannah.

Back when things were crazy, Savannah told ET that she “knew it” at the time — and feels the same way now! — that a lot of things between her and Terilisha were likely “lost in translation.”

That’s what happens when you have a game like The Circle, and when you’re speaking to each other via text the entire time,” she explained. “You lose people’s, you know, where they have diction, whether they’re stressing or not stressing, so you’re left to wonder what exactly did they mean, and ‘Am I perceiving all of this all correctly?'” 

“Watching it back though, I feel pretty confident in a lot of how I felt about people,”

Sounded like shade.

On Terilisha’s end, she shared:

“I wanted to have a more positive gameplay and I feel like that kind of just took it in a different direction because that’s so opposite of who I am in real life,” she shared. “But it’s a game, and sometimes the game gets a little dirty.”

“I got a lot of love, so I’m just going to stay on the positive side of that,” she added. “I embrace the love. There are people that are definitely Team Terilisha and I feel it, I feel the love. So thank you, Team Terilisha!”

We would love to see these two pop up on a season of “The Challenge USA” or “The Challenge”!

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