“Survivor” Fans Debates Over If Cagayan Is A Overrated Or Not

Survivor Cagayan

CBS’s “Survivor” fans recently started up a debate about “Survivor Cagayan”!!

Survivor: Cagayan is the twenty-eighth season of Survivor. Three tribes of six players each were established at the beginning of the season, each being defined by traits that its members tended to employ in their daily lives. The season saw one quit, and has to date produced six returning players (Kass McQuillen, Sarah Lacina, Spencer Bledsoe, Tasha Fox, Tony Vlachos, and Woo Hwang) for subsequent seasons.

Cagayan is famed among Survivor seasons for its unpredictability as well as the strategic and emotional dynamism of its cast. The post-merge game in particular was characterized by a higher-than-usual number of betrayals and blindsides, and there were several bitter disputes between contestants. Highlights included the frenetic scheming of

Fans are now calling the season one of the worst.

See their reactions below:

Do you agree with the fans on Twitter? Do you think the season was kind of overrated? Are you a fan of the season!?

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