MTV’s “The Challenge” Star Devin Wants The Show To Go Back To It’s Old Ways

The challenge 38 Devin

MTV’s “The Challenge” Star Devin Walker who’s currently apart of the Season 38 cast had a few things to get off his chest on Twitter this past week!

In the earlier seasons of the show, the set up of the competition series was that the losers of the daily challenge would automatically be sent into elimination.

As the seasons progressed, that game move sort of disappeared and Devin thinks that it should return.

He shared on Twitter:

“I completely agree that last place in the daily challenge should go directly into elimination.”

Fans responded:

“I think for this season, the last place team should go directly into the draw and the winning team should pick the other three teams so there is incentive to not loose.” – thanahelen

“Completely disagree. It will be layups every elimination. You will rarely get a competitive elimination if the worst team is always in.” – Fan4Realitys

“Yeah that’s what this season is missing! Like we don’t even get to see the whole challenge, just who wins or wins each heat.” – MillennialAsh

“no fr because people think they can slide past elimination and still be bad at the daily challenges” – inthenightblue

Would you want Season 39 to bring this back!?

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