Netflix’s “Heartstopper” Had To Change Nick’s Coming Out Story

Netflix heartstopper

Netflix’s “Heartstopper” is one of the biggest shows on TV right now and one of the most impactful LGBTQ series to date.

Speaking with Radio Times at the Edinburgh International TV Festival, Alice Oseman revealed why they had to change Nick Nelson’s coming out journey for the show.

“The comics are so low stakes. When problems arise in the story of the comics, they’re solved almost immediately. And that is something that people like about the comics, but it doesn’t work for TV because if there’s no drama, people will get bored.”

“We added more tension and elongating to his coming out journey.”

“Like, for example, Nick, who goes on this sexuality journey in Heartstopper – in the show it takes him longer to figure out who he is and feel comfortable with who he is, while in the comics, he sort of figures it out quite quickly, and that’s really nice,” they added.

Everything worked out perfectly because we don’t see the fans complaining. We’re glad the cast and crew got it right!

Season 2 is now getting ready to start filming in September and there will be new characters joining!

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