Peacock’s “Love Island USA” Season 4 Season Finale Review

Love island usa season 4 finale

*Spoilers: We’re typing our thoughts as we’re watching*

Finale time! This was such a messy weird and rushed season.

We’re not expecting this episode to be good, we just want it to get to the ending and choose a winner.

They’re surprised they made it to the end and with the same couple. This is the most unsurprising season of Love Island USA I’ve ever seen.

Very predictable.

The fact that Sydney and Isaiah never been on a date and it’s their first date during the finale says everything we need to know about this season.

The dates are boring. Peacock has a budget of $20.

This should not be the finale episode, it’s way too early but blame Peacock for moving too fast.

The finale doesn’t seem genuine, it feels so forced and fake. Shows like this deserve to be longer and Peacock cutting it short makes everything feel fake.

Deb agrees to be Jesse’s girlfriend now.

Timmy & Zeta’s date looks the most elegant. These are our winners.

We don’t even think this episode deserved a review there’s not much to say.

Timmy and Zeta looks great at the finale. Their speeches to each other were also amazing.

Congratulations to host Sarah Hyland on the marriage. Z

Zeta and Timmy are officially the winners of Love Island USA Season 4!

They’re not even surprised, we all knew! We called it early, they’ve been the most compatible couple in the villa all season.

Zeta and Deb are funny! Zeta has the 100k envelop and we know she’s sharing it.

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