BET’s “Sistas” Star Devale Elllis Shares The Difference Between Men & Women After College

Devale Ellis Sistas podcast

“Sistas” Star Devale Ellis has one of the best podcast ever when it comes to real life conversations and it’s amazing that he gets to do it with his wife Khadeen!

The podcast titled “Dead A$$” is one of the most interesting things you’ll listen to this week. The two are even going on tour and you can get your tickets here:

One of the recent conversations were about the different between men and women after they’ve graduated for College.

Devale put up a very accurate point sharing that:

The young men (like most of us) often graduate college with little to no income and find themselves as the last option in the dating pool because they cannot provide the type of lifestyle their female counterparts are looking for in their 20s. Ni**as be broke (while building) for a while after college.🤷🏾‍♂️

The young women often graduate with little to no income as well but often enjoy the perks of partying and traveling with older or more financially established men while they (the young ladies) build and explore life.

I’ve noticed an interesting thing happen around 30 though. Some of the young women that have partied through their 20s are often ready to settle down by 30, BUT their male counterparts are just hitting their peak financially and ready to enjoy the same spoils as the young ladies did in their 20s. Now the 30 year old men are tripping and partying with the new crop of 20 year old women and the 30 year old women are PISSED.”

Watch the video here:

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