Terilisha reflects on the Mean Girl actions from the rest of “The Circle” Season 2 cast

When I watched this season of “The Circle”, Terilisha was automatically one of my favorites alongside Trevor (Deleesa). You can just feel the genuine and real-ness of these beautiful Black Women.

I’ve always felt the other cast members all had their weird moments aside from Khat. I enjoyed Khat as well.

Courtney always gave me them Anti-Black Women vibes, Savanah couldn’t be a real human being even if she tried and she give me racist vibes and Chloe is wishy-washy.

The other cast members were just followers in my opinion especially Jack (The most boring Circle cast member I’ve seen) and River…..

Terilisha took to Twitter to share her thoughts on what’s going on after the show has aired:

I stand with Terilisha and respect her honesty. She’s older and not afraid to hold back on the weird actions that goes on in Hollywood. Those industry people are very uninteresting but they try their best to make it seem like they are.

Well Terilisha, what I do know is that you’ll make a great addition to one of the future seasons of MTV’s “The Challenge”.