“Surviving Paradise” Cast Shines With Little Help From Production

Netflix Surviving Paradise review

Netflix has a brand new reality series in town and we decided to give the show a watch!

The network debuted “Surviving Paradise” on October 20th and it looks like it’s going to be a slow burner.

All nine episodes of Surviving Paradise became available to stream on Netflix on Friday, October 20th.


“Twelve contestants believe they’re about to live it up for a summer at a beautiful villa. But before they can pop any bottles, they’ll have to start at the bottom and survive in the woods without any lavish amenities. Known as the ‘outsiders,’ the players living in the wilderness will have many opportunities to make a return to the villa, where they’ll then become ‘insiders.’

“If the outsiders excel in challenges and secure strong enough alliances, they can be voted back into the resort, where they’ll take an insider’s place — and their chance to compete for the cash prize.

The grand prize is set at $100,000.”

Our quick review:

The show was carried by the cast specifically Lellies and Tabitha. These two shine throughout the whole season and came in with one plan and that was to take over the game.


Tabitha’s game ended up messier which hurt them in the long run while Lellies played a more genuine game despite the one hiccup with Linda. Tabitha had a very deep hatred for Lellies in the game which seemed like a mix of jealously and microaggressions. They’re one of those characters you’ll love to hate and every show needs one of those.


Overall, the full is cast shines. You have your heroes like Shae, Eva, Linda, Sisco and then your bad guys like Tabitha and Gabe.

Gabe was a contestant that entered the game very late and was given tons of power by production and we honestly didn’t like this at all. We didn’t like his actions towards Sisco and Aaron. Very weird actions towards the Black men on the show in our opinion. He just didn’t sit right with us and presented himself poorly especially during the partner vote. You can tell Aaron had a hard time standing up for himself. This moment solidified Gabe as the villain of the season knocking down Tabitha from the #1 spot. We heard he was a teacher and that’s shocking watching his actions on this show. We’re beyond happy that Sisco told him off instead of faking a ‘vibe’.


Microaggressions are common, everyday slights and comments that relate to various aspects of one’s appearance or identity such as class, gender, sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, mother tongue, age, body shape, disability, or religion, among others.

The show did seem very unfinished. There should’ve been challenges that the cast had to win to make huge decisions in the game. Giving a newbie the kind of power they gave Gabe right away definitely hurt the show.

We can’t say we want a Season 2 just yet because we didn’t like the game play of the show but the cast did provide the entertainment that we all enjoy and we loved the winning pick! Would love to see Linda, Lellies, Eva, Sisco, Alex and even Tabitha return to our TV screens in the future.


Let us know your thoughts on the show below? would you love a Season 2? What do you think needs to change?

“Paradise awaits 12 strangers — but only if they can fight their way out of hell first.

A group of unsuspecting partiers is expecting the summer of a lifetime, but Surviving Paradise has other plans. Instead of living it up at a luxury villa on a clifftop overlooking the ocean, the players are almost immediately banished to the wilderness below it, where they’ll have to survive on next to nothing. 

The twist? If they can out-scheme and out-strategize their opponents, the contestants can change their position in the game and return to the resort, where they’ll be able to compete for a life-changing cash prize. But no one is ever safe, because with this kind of cutthroat gameplay, one day you’re living in the lap of luxury, and the next you’re back to basics.

Standup comic, podcast and TV show host Jessimae Peluso will guide the contestants along their rollercoaster of a journey.

Production Company: Studio Lambert & RAW Executive Producers for Studio Lambert: Tim Harcourt, Stephen Lambert, Stephen Yemoh, Nia Yemoh Executive Producers for RAW: Tom Barry, Peter Campion

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