“Love Is Blind” Season 5 Fans Reacts To Lydia & Milton Getting Married

Milton lydia love is blind

Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” Season 5 is finally over after weeks of drama and uncertainty!!

This season is possibly the only season to see one couple tie the knot and the couple that married came as a surprise to many.

Lydia & Milton were the only couple to get married this season and the wedding was actually beautiful and funny.

See what fans are saying below:

“i cannot believe i just witnessed with my own eyeballs milton & lydia getting MARRIED. those two are getting divorced next week bye #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlindS5”

“It’s clear that Lydia just wants to get married – it’s not Milton she’s excited about, she would have been excited about any man. She just wants the wedding 😅 #LoveIsBlind”

“the one good thing about lydia and milton getting married is that uche will be BURNINGGGGGG #LoveIsBlindS5”

“If someone told me when I started this season, that Lydia and Milton would be the ONLY couple getting married, I would have said WTF ??!!!

But to be honest, they both kinda grew on me. I hope they work out together. loveisblind”

“Lydia is getting married because she’s desperate. Milton is getting married to piss off his family. #LoveIsBlind”

Let us know your thoughts below?

The season premiered September 22nd.

In the most shocking season yet, the singles face new challenges, unexpected twists, and surprising turns that will test their personal resolve, and the strength of their connections, more than ever before. Even if the couples can forge a strong enough bond to get engaged sight unseen, can their love survive the challenges waiting for them in the outside world – including protective families, skeptical friends, and the exes they thought they’d left behind?


Aaliyah – 29, ICU Travel Nurse

Carter – 30, Construction

Chris – 28, Project Manager for Commercial and Retail Development

Connor – 31, Geoscientist

Efrain – 27, Software Sales

Enoch – 27, Financial Advisor

Erica – 27, Marketing Manager

Ernesto – 32, Supply Chain Manager, Oil and Gas

Estefania – 30, Teacher/Dancer

Izzy – 31, Sales 

Jared “JP” – 32, Firefighter

Jarred – 34, University Director

Johnie – 32, Lawyer

Josh – 32, Sales Rep

Justice – 28, Personal Trainer

Linda – 32, Talent Acquisition Recruiter

Lydia – 32, Geologist

Maris – 30, HR Specialist

Mayra – 25, Minister

Milton – 25, Petroleum Engineer

Miriam – 32, Scientist

Paige – 32, Stylist

Renee – 32, Veterinarian

Robert – 30, Special Education Teacher

Shondra – 32, Flight Attendant

Stacy – 34, Director of Operations

Taylor – 26, Teacher

Uche – 34, Lawyer / Entrepreneur


Week 1 (Friday, Sept 22): Epsiodes 1-4 

Week 2 (Friday, Sept 29): Episodes 5-7 

Week 3 (Friday, Oct 6): Episodes 8-9

Week 4 (Friday, Oct 13): Episode 10 (finale)

Series Synopsis: Singles who want to be loved for who they are have signed up for a less conventional approach to modern dating, and will choose someone to marry without ever meeting them. Over several weeks, the newly engaged couples will move in together, plan their wedding, and find out if their physical connection matches their strong emotional bond developed in the pods. When their wedding day arrives, will real-world realities and external factors push them apart, or will they marry the person they fell blindly in love with? Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, this addictive 10-episode series will uncover whether looks, race, or age do matter – or if love really is blind.

Produced By Kinetic Content.

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