“All Star Shore” Season 2 Star Vinny Stars In New Promo Videos

Vinny all star shore season 2

MTV’s “All Star Shore” Season 2 is getting ready to hit our screens this week and the official account is sharing promo videos!!

“Jersey Shore” Star Vinny is set to lead the new cast.

The account shared:

“The OG is here to show everyone how it’s done 💪 Catch @vinnyguadagnino on #AllStarShore season 2, premiering Jerzday Sept, 21st at 9p on @mtv!”

Get ready!

All Star Shore will make its official JERZDAY debut on Thursday, September 21 at 9PM on MTV. The season premiere will follow an all new episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation – making this the biggest JERZDAY ever. 

Narrated by Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, the competition series features 12 reality stars from some of television’s most iconic series – Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore, Germany Shore, Acapulco Shore, Rio Shore, F Boy Island and Too Hot To Handle – as they come together for an epic vacation at the ultimate shore house on an island off of Cartagena, Colombia to battle it out over a variety of epic party-style challenges for a chance to win $150,000 and global bragging rights.

Meet the contestants:

· Chantelle Connelly – Geordie Shore – The baddest chick from Geordie Shore is coming into the house with one goal – win the money for her little boy. She doesn’t take anyone’s drama and is never afraid to tell it like it is, which tends to get her into trouble, even if that means making enemies.

· Chase Demoor – Too Hot To Handle – As a professional athlete, Chase is all about winning. It hurts him more to lose than when he wins, and everyone in the house can see it. Can his will to win get him to the finish line or will he crumble before he gets the chance? 

· Fabio De Pasqual – Germany Shore – Representing Germany Shore for the first time is… an Italian! Fabio is a party boy who wears his heart on his sleeve. He can be explosive, especially when it comes to winning, but is the ultimate team player. When Fabio begins to develop a crush in the villa, will he be able to manage his will to win or will the potential for love take him out of the game? 

· Gui Evaristo – Rio Shore – The mustache you can see from a mile away! Gui is bringing his fun and party boy style from Rio Shore to the villa. He’s ready to win all the women’s hearts, but will he be able to handle his romances and the game or will his promiscuous ways backfire? 

· Hati Garderobe – Germany Shore – Hati, like “hottie” and lives up to her namesake. Confident, cute, and competitive, she is here to show her haters that she is ready for anything and will bust her ass to get the win. She’s also got her eyes on another prize when entering the villa – love. Can she have it all? 

· Isa Castro – Acapulco Shore – Isa is the queen of drama… and the party! Whether it be with tequila shots or a game of spin the bottle, Isa is always the one getting the party started and the last one to go to bed. But it’s not all fun and games for Isa when it comes to the competition and winning $150,000. 

· Marnie Simpson – Geordie Shore – Mother of two, Marnie has been stuck in mom mode and is ready to let loose and show that moms can still party… and compete. People might underestimate her as a competitor, and she loves it!

· Melinda Melrose – Too Hot To Handle – Melinda is entering her first shore house with excitement, sexiness, and a whole lot of sass. She’s not one to follow the rules and always gets what she wants, especially when it comes to guys. When sparks fly in the villa, will Melinda get her way or end up regretful in exile? 

· Patryk Spiker – Warsaw Shore – Spiker, or the “King of Poland,” is a certified party animal and doesn’t let anyone who’s boring ruin the good vibes at the villa. He’ll go skinny dipping and dance the night away but when it’s time to compete, he brings his “A game”. Making friends and having fun is inevitable but it’s all about the “shmoney.” 

· Tamaris Sepulveda – F Boy Island – Winner of FBOY Island, Tamaris is known for playing the boys and choosing money over love. And this time at the shore she plans to do the same thing. She’s going to do whatever it takes to take home the cash prize and isn’t afraid to use her manipulation skills to get it. But will the ultimate FGIRL change her ways when she catches feelings for someone in the house? 

· Vinny Guadagnino – Jersey Shore – Vinny is coming to Colombia to redeem the shore this season. When TWO women start to show interest in the Keto Guido, Vinny can’t help but have his eye on another prize – love! Can Vinny keep his focus on the game, or will he get too distracted with trying to find “the one”? 

· Xavier Ulibarri – Acapulco Shore – Don’t let Xavi’s British accent fool you, this Acapulco Shore vet was born to compete in party games and embody the shore lifestyle. He loves attention, even if it comes from drama… that he started! Xavi wants to win but will stirring the pot with his shoremates hurt his chances? 

All Star Shore will also air on MTV internationally in more than 40 countries and will be available to stream in all Paramount+ international markets, minus South Korea, beginning Monday, September 25.

All Star Shore is executive produced by John Varela for MTV Entertainment Studios in partnership with TeleColombia International Studios. Matt Apps, Antonia Mattia, and SallyAnn Salsano serve as executive producers. Matthew Parillo and Amy Starr are executives in charge of production for MTV Entertainment Studios.

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