“When Calls The Heart” Season 10 Premiere Dominates In Ratings

When calls the heart season 10

Hallmark’s “When Calls The Heart” Season 10 is finally here and the show dominated in ratings on premiere night!!

The two seen an increase in demo and remained stable in overall ratings.

The episode received 1.928M views & a .16 demo!

Episode 1 was titled: “Carpe Diem”

Recap Via Hallmark:

“Over the past few months, everyone in Hope Valley has come together to do their part to keep the town together after the coal mine was destroyed. Florence, Molly and Minnie started a swap meet to prevent waste. Lee hired more people at the oil company and Rosemary pitched in to help even though she’s just a few weeks away from giving birth. Lucas and Elizabeth are busy planning for a fall wedding.

In town, Lucas sees Mike and buys up extra beets from a generous crop. Mike tells him he knows exactly what he’s doing and thanks him for all he’s done by hiring townspeople, including him. Lucas tells him he was more than qualified. Lucas sees Elizabeth who asks him about the beets, and he recalls that his grandmother always said, “Eat well, laugh often, love much.”

Outside the schoolhouse, Elizabeth teaches her class which includes Allie, Angela, Emily, Opal, Timmy and Sarah. She teaches them about the phrase “Carpe Diem,” or “seize the day.” Cooper and Toby arrive to class late, their hair wet. Elizabeth closes the lesson by reminding the kids to enjoy the moment every day, like she imagines Cooper and Toby have been doing.

In town, Nathan learns from Fiona that she, Mei, and Faith are all living together. At his station, Nathan greets Henry, who checks in to serve his probation. Bill stops by to tell Henry his trial is approaching, and Scout, a rookie Mountie dog, is delivered to Nathan. Bill starts coughing, and Henry expresses concern for Bill’s health. Henry points out that they’re both putting on a brave face.

At work, Joseph and Lee discuss expenses being tight. They consider ways to save money, and Lee reminds Joseph that he always says, “the good Lord will provide”.”

Inspired by Janette Oke’s bestselling book series about the Canadian West, “When Calls the Heart” follows the story of a young schoolteacher and single mother, Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow), in the quaint town of Hope Valley. When her husband is suddenly killed on duty, she must find the courage and strength to move forward. With the help and guidance of the townspeople and her friends, she adjusts to the ever-changing times and the people that enter her life.

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Other central characters include Rosemary Coulter (Pascale Hutton), Elizabeth’s best friend, the town’s loveable busybody once described as “part Broadway showgirl, part Frontier woman,” and her patient husband, the upstanding businessman Leland Coulter (Kavan Smith). Judge Bill Avery (Jack Wagner) works hard to protect the town and to cement his position as Hope Valley’s ultimate authority. Fairly new to the community are Mountie Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) and saloon owner Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally), who both vie for the attention of Elizabeth. With the added pressure on deciding between her suitors, writing a novel and taking care of her son, Elizabeth continues to teach the children of Hope Valley all while trying to navigate the challenges in her life.

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