“RHOC” Fans Give Thoughts On Gina & Emily

RHOC Gina Emily

Bravo’s “Real Housewives Of Orange County” is currently airing it’s 17th season and the fans are talking about the show non stop across all social media!!

Social media is currently speaking on Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson.

View some of the opinions below:

“I couldn’t agree more. Emily is super funny and I feel like Gina just brings the mean girl out of her…plus Gina’s voice is just….owch lol” – KayKay

“I think there could be something to this theory! Emily is very much growing on me, she also annoyed me less. Gina is so so annoying! Emily is brought down because she is often lumped with Gina.” – ATX

“Gina is the worst, she brings nothing to the show. Last season building up this fake friendship with Heather, just proved there’s nothing genuine or sincere about her.” – Barbara

“I think Emily is already starting to really show that she could be a great HW without Gina this season. I think she gets lumped with Gina too often, I actually like Emily. It’s Gina that drives me nuts half the time.” – Lina

“I mean I am so glad someone else said it…I mean besides creating conflict what exactly is her storyline…seems her personal life nor her accomplishments are interesting enough to carry her on the show.” – Brian

“atp it’s not even about Gina bein on the show or not, Emily could distance herself from Gina and come into her own very easily cause she’s thrivin so far this season… and to take it a step further if it came down to it she could take Gina down in a feud 🌚 #RHOC” – Cray

“I really like both of them of course Emily is by far the best HE on OC period but repeating myself I really like BOTH of them on the show” – Rene

Let us know your thoughts?

Season 17 Plot;

After a two-year break, Tamra Judge is back with a new perspective and is ready to repair a few broken friendships.  After almost ten years in business, Tamra and Eddie close their beloved gym CUT Fitness.  Tamra comes in hot and her reconciliation with Shannon does not go as planned. Tamra is holding everyone accountable, especially her friend Jennifer, but when the narrative doesn’t add up, it leads to some explosive confrontations. 

Shannon Storms Beador is trying to keep the positive energy around as she looks to mend her fractured friendship and rebuild trust with her former bestie Tamra.  Once Tamra and Shannon clear the air, it makes way for the Tres Amigas to reunite as the OG of the OC Vicki Gunvalson joins the fun for tequila and keg stands.  When the group brings up concerns about the status of her relationship with John Janssen, Shannon continuously reassures them everything’s fine.  The spotlight on her relationship makes Shannon question who she can trust in the group.  As the whispers become louder, things quickly take a turn for the worse during a long weekend in Mexico and she struggles to keep her relationship afloat.  

With her twins off to college on opposite coasts, Heather Dubrow embraces a new chapter of her life.  Heather is determined to dive back into her acting career and launch a new business venture, but she questions whether she can accomplish it all.  Planning for the future, Heather and Terry purchase a high-end getaway penthouse in one of the ritziest buildings of Los Angeles. With the ladies, Heather lands herself in the middle of Tamra and Shannon’s feud, but when they finally reconcile, she wonders where she fits in between their friendship.    

Gina Kirschenheiter and Travis join forces in real estate, hoping to be a dynamic duo, but first she has to pass the exam and get her license. When one of the ladies tells a story about infidelity, it sets Gina back emotionally and she is forced to deal with repressed emotion about her ex’s affair. She is informed that her style of friendship is not up to Heather’s standards, but as Gina works to prove her loyalty, she feels continually shut down. With Tamra back in the group, Gina feels it’s complicating her bond with the women, and when she gets involved in the chatter about Shannon’s relationship, her past comes back to haunt her.   

With her husband Shane working as a full-time lawyer, Emily Simpson fulfills her dreams of being a stay-at-home mom as she supports Annabelle’s modeling aspirations, while continuing to help the wrongly convicted as part of the California Innocence Project. In a turn of events, Emily reconnects with Tamra, as the two develop a close friendship after working through their tumultuous past. Never leaving room for unanswered questions, she seeks the truth from all her friends, but finds herself in hot water with Shannon and Heather when she shares her own opinions.    

Brought into the group through Tamra, new Housewife and yoga studio owner Jennifer Pedranti is a mother of five with children ranging from 5 to 18.  A strong advocate for fostering children and animals, she recently adopted her youngest child Dominic. She is currently navigating her recent split from her husband, Will, who runs her family business, as they share a home.  Her alleged affair with her now boyfriend and CUT Fitness member Ryan has been the subject of the gossip mill in town.   Her friendship with Tamra is put to the test, as she is forced to explain the rumors and confront difficult truths.   

Taylor Armstrong moved to Orange County nearly ten years ago and is brought into the circle after becoming fast friends with Tamra. As Taylor pursues an acting career and is offered her first movie role, she seeks coaching and advice from Heather. However, Taylor feels slighted when Heather dismisses her offer to be a part of the cast, causing a tidal wave of discussions with the group about Heather’s character, and an epic showdown about IMDB credits.

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“The Real Housewives of Orange County” is produced by Evolution Media, an MGM Company with Alex Baskin, Brian McCarthy, Luke Neslage, Lynsey Dufour and Joe Kingsley, along with Scott Dunlop, serving as executive producers. Andy Cohen also serves as executive producer.

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