“The Challenge” Fans Compares Horacio & Turbo’s Rookie Season

Horacio Turbo the challenge

MTV’s “The Challenge” just finished airing it’s 38th season and one of the rookies really caught the eye of many!

Fans cannot stop talking about newbie Horacio Gutiérrez and how he took out Challenge champ Turbo Çamkıran!

There’s currently a poll and conversation going around with fans debating if Turbo or Horacio had the better rookie season.

See the opinions below:

“this hard bc I felt turbo was the best challenger I ever seen and was scared for future seasons. He won his rook season, his second season he was considered an mercenary AND picked before CT but somehow someway I still feel horacio had a better season and will be better overall” – allpurpis

“well, turbo won, but has become an absolutely unlikable and unwatchable caricature of himself.

horacio didnt win, but has quickly become one of the most well liked and respected rookies in a while.

soooooo…..” – Chaz

“Obviously Turbo is one of, if not the best rookie in Challenge history.

Horacio is amazing, but he didn’t win, and didn’t endure what Turbo did in his season/final.” – Candice Armstrong

“I think Horatio did 💯💯 especially if we’re not talking about just the competing, turbo was good but he burned Bridges and just isn’t great with the politics of the show, I still think Horatio would have won the final if Olivia hadn’t of gotten hurt” – Candice Myers

“Turbo and it’s not really close. Turbo won the season (in the hardest final to date), won more dailies, and avoided elimination all season.” – Jacob

“I think something that’s special to the challenge is that if you do well, you keep coming back. So part of having a great rookie season is setting yourself up for future seasons.
Turbo may have won, but Horacio has respect for years to come. Turbo will stay a target.” – Pat

“I think Horacio rly could’ve won. Turbo is amazing but he has a way easier time than Horacio and Olivia. Bc he was tied to nany, (he is also an amazing competitor) nany had voted but he was also winning challenges. Olivia and Horacio could’ve won but her face was broken” – Becca

“Easily Turbo.. 7 daily wins and never sent into elimination and then won the season. Horacio with 1 daily win, lost the final and while he did win a lot of eliminations he also did get sent down a lot so I gotta give it to Turbo” – Daniel

“Turbo for sure. He won in what is my favorite final ever. And as much as I like Horacio, I hold him getting help during a couple eliminations against him.” – Dee

Turbo won the poll:

Do you agree with the votes?

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The Challenge was created for MTV by Bunim/Murray Productions. Julie Pizzi, Emer Harkin and Danny Wascou serve as Executive Producers and Abigail Bunker and Jarrod Burt are Co-Executive Producers. Dan Caster and Leanne Mucci serve as Executive Producers with Jared March as Supervising Producer for MTV.

Paramount Media Networks & MTV Entertainment Studios is one of the preeminent media entities in the world that connects with global audiences through its nine iconic brands – MTV, Comedy Central, VH1, CMT, Pop, Logo, Smithsonian, Paramount Network and TV Land – as well as MTV Entertainment Studios which produces acclaimed series and movies and the award-winning, Oscar-nominated MTV Documentary Films.

Bunim/Murray Productions (BMP), a division of Banijay Americas, is the leading producer of innovative entertainment content. The Emmy Award-winning company is widely credited with creating the reality television genre with its hit series The Real World on MTV, the first reality game show, Road Rules (MTV), in 1995; the first reality sitcom, The Simple Life (E!), in 2003; and the first reality soap opera, Starting Over, in 2003. BMP’s current programming includes Emmy-winning Lizzo’s Watch Out For The Big Grrrls (Amazon), The Challenge (MTV), The Challenge USA (CBS), The Challenge All Stars (Paramount+), Born This Way (A&E), Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project (Oxygen), Ball in the Family (Facebook Watch), Miz and Mrs. (USA Network), Don’t Forget The Lyrics (FOX).

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