“RHOBH” Star Brandi Calls The “Vanderpump Rules” Cast Hypocrites

Brandi Glanville vanderpump rules

Bravo’s “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” Star Brandi Glanville is tired of the “Vanderpump Rules” scandal and she’s calling the cast out!!

She took to Twitter to share:

“This f**** hypocrisy is F**** insane,!!!!! I never thought I would be friends with half the bi***** that f***** my husband while I was married & pregnant.

I’m f***** over it with pretty much everyone.”

Fans quickly responded:

“You’re spot on! 💯 and they’re all making $$ off of Ariana heartbreak!” – Sonja

“Brandi your schaena story is so over decade ago. Do not insert yourself in the scandoval story. Geez” – MVM

“you have the right to feel anger towards your ex husband and any woman who has slept together. Friend or stranger. If you find out 1 second or 20 years plus, you deserve to have the feelings you have. You also have your boys who probably on the internet, the only to last forever” – Melinda

“Is this another tweet you will come back and have to say oh I didn’t understand after? I’m assuming your best friend didn’t go behind your back and sleep with your man for seven months while letting you defend her.
But don’t worry …. Could still happen 😉”

“I agree scheana and Lala broke up families so that’s just as bad! Tom and Ariana were not married and no kids Tom sucks for what he did! They all suck!” – Caroline

“Take a breath. This has nothing to do with you and is by no means the same as what you went through. We supported you then and support Ariana now. That’s what you see. Stop trying to make every situation that happens on Bravo about you.” – Francine

“But were you friends with them 3 months after you found out? …or did it take time? Calm down…as time passes I’m sure their feelings will change and things will be different than they are RIGHT NOW 😳” – Mega

“Your situation happened well over a decade ago and last I checked Scheana wasn’t your best friend. Stop making this about you” – Jac

“Preach!!! All these women were mistresses and sidechicks. The hypocrisy is astounding, not to mention a family was broke not just a damn home.” – Lee

“To those diminishing Brandi’s anguish, her situation was actually worse! She had children and was married!!! Her family was severed and life course changed due to infidelity. Ariana lost a boyfriend whom she a) didn’t want to marry b) didn’t want to have a family with…” – Kiwi

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Let us know your thoughts!?

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