“Below Deck Sailing Yacht” Season 4 Star Daisy Responds To Colin’s Comment

Below deck sailing yacht daisy Colin

Bravo’s “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” chief stew Daisy Kelliher is finally speaking out more about the messy 4th season that’s currently on air and we’re loving it!

The season showcases her in a pickle with both Gary King and Colin MacRae but that isn’t the only drama!

During the most recent episode, Colin shared some criticism that seemed like it was towards Daisy and she recently responded.

Daisy shared:

“Well, no one else reacted, so that was towards me. It was a strange episode to watch back. I didn’t get emotional watching it. I just got angry, and I got a lot of messages. My friends were texting me pictures of them crying. I was like, “Why are you all crying?” I think a lot of people found my troubles quite triggering, and I don’t know why Colin did that.

The whole thing was hard to watch. It wasn’t very nice, but hindsight is 20/20. I don’t know how the guys feel about it now. I’m sure they didn’t realize quite how upset I was at the time. I think they all just put it down to my being an emotional woman [laughs].”

Read more of the interview here: https://decider.com/2023/05/22/below-deck-sailing-yacht-daisy-kelliher-gary-king-colin-macrae-love-triangle/amp/

What are your thoughts? Let us know!

Season 4 Plot:

Capt. Glenn and his comeback team Daisy Kelliher, Gary King and Colin MacRae resume their responsibilities aboard Parsifal III, along with new, dynamic crew members, as they set sail in Sardinia, Italy. 

Capt. Glenn realizes that his laid-back leadership style has allowed his crew to become too comfortable and starts taking charge of quality control in the interior department, much to Daisy’s dismay. In the galley, Chef Ileisha’s cooking impresses the guests, but her indecisiveness and co-dependency lead to time-management issues between courses, which causes her to self-destruct. On deck, strong personalities collide, and a power struggle results in a near mutiny, as Gary clashes with his new overconfident deckhand, Chase. 

Two overlapping love triangles further complicate the dynamics on-board, and a shocking hookup puts Colin, Daisy and Gary’s friendship in jeopardy. 

With a near collision, fire, crew rebellion, gruesome guest injury and two different potentially season-ending engine failures, this is the most captivating and unpredictable season yet of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht.” 

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“Below Deck Sailing Yacht” is produced by 51 Minds with Mark Cronin, Courtland Cox, Vivian Kohon, Tania Hamidi, Christian Sarabia and Zachary Klein serving as executive producers.

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