“The Rookie” Director Talks Iconic Chenford Season 5 Scene

The rookie chenford

ABC’s “The Rookie” Season 5 is officially over but the fans cannot stop talking about the Chenford moments this season!

“The Rookie” Director Robert Bella about being apart of the amazing moments between those two this season with ScreenRant.

They shared:

“Yeah! I totally scored as a director. I got to direct 508, which is when they finally admit their feelings for each other. I was like, “Oh my God!” It was the highest-rated episode of season 5, until episode 510, which I also got to direct, which is now the highest-rated episode of season five, and that’s when they go on their first date. And so I got to do the episode where they admit their feelings and then the episode where they go on their first date. I was like, “Oh my God. So much fun!”

I was actually thinking about putting something out on social media, kind of like an anatomy of a scene from a director’s point of view. The scene where they finally admitted it—the very last scene of 508—at the very beginning of the day, Melissa and Eric came to me, and they were like, “We love this scene. It’s beautiful. Can we talk about maybe making some tiny tweaks to the script?” And so I reached out to Alexi, and he was like, “Absolutely. Whatever they want to do, let me know.” And throughout the course of the day, because it was one of the very last scenes we were going to shoot on the day—but at the very beginning of the morning we started talking about it. And as the day progressed, there were little tiny shifts to the script.

We would work together—me and Eric and Melissa—and then we would shoot it off to Alexi, and then he would rework it and send it back to us, and then we would tweak it a little bit more. It evolved very, very little when we were shooting it, but it was a really lovely process to watch how invested as actors they were in wanting this scene to be perfect. And then, reciprocally, from Alexi’s point of view of “Absolutely, we need to make sure that this is perfect. This is an important scene.” It was great to have been a part of that process. The other challenge for me, as a director, particularly with that scene, was that it was scripted that it takes place in the parking lot outside the station. I was like, “There’s nothing romantic about a bunch of police cars.”

I was like, “This is the first time they admit their love. It has to be beautiful, and it has to have a certain amount of softness to it and romance to it.” So I got to that location early that day and just scoured around the front of the building. It’s like a carport. And so I literally just got there about half an hour before anybody else and just walked every single inch of that looking to try and visualize what would be the most attractive angles where you saw the fewest amount of police cars, but you still knew you were at the station. And then, ultimately, we settled on putting them on the edge of this planter. There’s a border where the plants are, and I was like, “Okay, well that’s pretty. That’s attractive.” You’re still at the station, but at least it has a softer look than standing next to a police car.”

Read more of the interview here: https://screenrant.com/the-rookie-season-5-finale-robert-bella-interview/

Season 6 is currently in production! More Chenford coming your way soon.

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The Rookie stars Nathan Fillion, Alyssa Diaz, Richard T. Jones, Melissa O’Neil, Eric Winter, Mekia Cox, Shawn Ashmore, and Tru Valentino. Lisseth Chavez recurs. John Nolan (Fillion) is a middle-aged divorced man from Pennsylvania who owns a construction company. He decides to give up his old life to pursue a new career as a police officer in the Los Angeles Police Department. He graduates from the Police Academy, is the oldest rookie on the force, and eventually becomes a training officer. He works with Sergeant Wade Grey (Jones), Detective Angela Lopez (Diaz), training officers Nyla Harper (Cox) and Tim Bradford (Winter), fellow rookie Lucy Chen (O’Neil), and the station’s newest rookie, Aaron Thorsen (Valentino).

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