“Jersey Shore Family Vacation” Season 6 Reunion Part 2 First Look

Jersey shore family vacation season 6 reunion

MTV’s “Jersey Shore” Spin-Off “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” is officially wrapping up the 6th season as Part 2 of the Reunion is near!

Reunion Part 2 will debut on May 18th.


“The reunion and the Mardi Gras madness continue; the girls’ friendships are in jeopardy, Vinny gets sentimental, and the fans put the crew in the hot seat.”

Watch the sneak peek below:

Fans reacted:

“@JENNIWOWW @DeenaNicoleMTV @snooki need @angelinamtvjs on the show or else it would be boring and a snooze fest! Jenni is the absolute worst! Deena and Nicole are her little followers. And @ItsTheSituation is right up there too! Horrible to Angelina. They are hypocrites.” – Adrianna

“If you watch the live clip of Ang’s proposal you can see @JENNIWOWW happy and cheering.MTV edits things&clearly EVERYONE was asking the same type questions jwoww was.I think Ang&jenni relationship has always been rocky so ang just always targets her when anything goes down.” – Christina

“This season dragged staged and played out drama every episode. The content was trash. Hope the new season brings back the real jersey shore vibe.” – Gisela

“Jwow needs to get boo booped n D needs to stop being neutral and pick a side and Snooki needs to fight for what’s right n stead of always agreeing with mommy Jwow !!!! TEAM ANGELINA” – Connie

“Since Sammi is back can Angelina go now??? Please bc I can’t take her anymore” – NicoleBossi

“Leave Snooki alone those reunion specials are literally all day and these people are tired…especially after being around Angeliar for more than 30 seconds” – CP

“There’s literally a common denominator with all the drama ANGELINAAAA. she even told Mike to start tweeting crazy wtf and ppl still saying no one has her back 🤣” – Faze

It’s going to be a good one!

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Season 6 Plot:

Following an explosive season five that tested friendships like never before, “Jerzdays” are back with one vacation after another as the “Shore” family fist pumps their way across the country for the first time ever. Between hitting wine country for the launch of Nicole’s new wine label and South Carolina for Mike’s celebrity cornhole tournament to the final stop in New Orleans for a jaw-dropping extended-family getaway – the squad continues to take every trip up a notch.

While change is in the air for Mike and Lauren as they prepare for their second child, Vinny makes his dancing debut on ABC’s Dancing with The Stars, and newly-divorced Angelina is on the hunt for love. As always, wherever this group goes the drama follows – leading up to a bombshell no one saw coming.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is produced by SallyAnn Salsano, Frank Miccolis and Velia Lopez for 495 Productions. Jacquelyn French serves as Executive Producer for MTV.

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