“Sistas” & “Zatima” Star Devale & His Family Is So Wholesome

Devale Ellis Sistas Khadeen

BET’s “Sistas” & “Zatima” Star Devale Ellis and his family has to be one of our favorite celebrity families in the business right now and it’s honestly because they’re so down to earth and relatable!

Becoming huge stars and still being able to connect to the audience is a huge accomplishments and Devale and his wife Khadeen does it so well.

The two shares their journey with their fans on social media and we’re present whenever there’s a video updated.

Devale shared a few hilarious videos recently showcasing some of the events that goes down in their household.

You got your funny moments;

“Moms really be on a different level of pettiness. Be on everybody else about the same sh*t they do daily.😂😂😂
My job as a father is to explain to my boys that debating with your mom using logic and examples of similar behavior won’t stop her from going in your room and finding the smallest thing to turn into Mount Everest. Moral of the story, just make sure there are no eyelashes left on the floor in your room son… Apparently they leave them there for a “reason.”😏”

You got your amazing father skills:

“Daddy & Kazzy time.
All my boys get their own time to do whatever they want to do. Kaz chose to order Chinese food and watch basketball in the Mancave. He said he just wants to do what I love without having to rush because I have to go to work or leave. That low key hurt because I never want any of my sons to equate me with absence. I try my best to ensure all of them that the time sacrificed will pay off in the long run, but words never mean as much as time spent.”

This family is one talented and smart fam:

“Jax first debate competition. Public speaking is listed as the most common phobia across the world. My mom made me join the debate team at Andries Hudde Junior High School as a trade off for allowing me to play flag football in 7th grade. Look at me now, I can’t shut up.😂😂😂

Jax made us all proud today competing amongst 8th graders as a lone 6th grader. The Goal: to increase his confidence with regard to researching and articulating ALL points. The greatest debaters are able to find flaws in their own perspective by studying the perspective of others. Much like life, I want my sons to learn to advocate for themselves eloquently & with conviction. Super Proud Dad Moment Today!!!”

We can go on and on!

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