“The Challenge” Star Danny Speaks On Tori Being A Bad Partner

The challenge world
Championship Tori Danny

MTV’s “The Challenge” Spin-Off “The Challenge World Championship” is one of the most dramatic seasons in a long time!!

The partnership between MVP Danny McCray and Vet Tori Deal is one of the main topics this season because the two cannot get along at all.

Danny took to Twitter to share a few more opinions and let fans know that he will be speaking out more about their partnership after the season is over.

He shared:

“The lengths my partner will go through to save her friends and undermine our partnership is crazy…..the number of times I’ve asked myself if she really wants to win the game or if she wants her friends to win is insane….TheChallengeWorldChampionship”

Danny responded:

“She’s tried to vote us in twice bc she can’t choose by the two…. If one of them is gone then we don’t have this problem….”

Do you guys think Tori valued her friends more than her partner? Twitter seems to think so as she’s going viral for caring about Jordan more than Danny:

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In the franchise’s first-ever world tournament, each global MVP will be paired with a “Challenge” Legend, a notable veteran from previous seasons of the MTV series, who will serve as their partner to form the most epic teams in the history of the franchise. Together they will work towards the most difficult challenge of them all: the brutal finale worth $500,000.

THE CHALLENGE: WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP competitors also include “Challenge” Legends Amber Borzotra, Darrell Taylor, Jodi Weatherton, Johnny “Bananas” DeVenanzio, Jonna Mannion, Jordan Wiseley, Kaycee Clark, KellyAnne Judd, Nelson Thomas, Nia Moore, Theo Campbell, Tori Deal, Wes Bergmann and Yes Duffy; Ben Driebergen, Danny McCray, Justine Ndiba and Sarah Lacina from “The Challenge: USA”; and Emily Seebohm, Grant Crapp, Kiki Morris and Troy Cullen from “The Challenge: Australia.”

“The Challenge: USA,” “The Challenge: Australia” and “The Challenge: U.K.” are currently available to stream on Paramount+, with “The Challenge: Argentina” available on Wednesday, April 5. MTV will air a one-time sneak preview of the new series with the premiere episode being shown in its entirety on Wednesday, March 8 at 8:00 PM, ET/PT.

THE CHALLENGE: WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP was created for MTV Entertainment Studios by Bunim/Murray Productions. Julie Pizzi and Justin Booth serve as executive producers. German Abarca, Ernesto De La O, David Sambuchi, Kristopher Schwalenberg and Brad Tiemann serve as co-executive producers. Skye Topic serves as supervising producer, Margaret Morales as producer and Jacob Lane as consulting producer. Dan Caster and Leanne Mucci serve as executive producers with Jared March as supervising producer for MTV Entertainment Studios and Donny Herran as SVP of production, with Angela Liao as executive in charge of production.

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