“Sistas” & “Zatima” Star Devale Ellis Has Hilarious Fan Experience

Devale Ellis Sistas Zatima fans

BET’s “Sistas” & “Zatima” Star Devale Ellis is currently in Canada filming a brand new Christmas film for Netflix and it looks like fans are noticing him!!

Not sure if this happened in Canada but a hilarious fan moment went down according to a new fan on Instagram.

She goes by the name of Dazzaray and she shared a photo of Devale after noticing his face from “Sistas” and videos with Khadeen:

She shared:

“I so much yall….. I don’t know his name lol. I just know he’s from sistas (I’ve seen clips) He’s so sweet #LADYPINK #AAUBBALL

Now for the hilarious part, another fan was crushing hard.

She shared:

Hilarious! We love how known the Sistas family and Khadeen is becoming! The “Zatima” cast should definitely have a meet and greet one day for the fans.

“Zatima” Season 2 is now streaming on BET+ with more episodes to come.

Season 2 Plot:

“Zac and Fatima’s relationship is challenged on a whole new level” in Season 2. “Zac deals with internal discord which is only exacerbated after seeing his mother, Gladys, whom he hasn’t seen in quite a long time. Fatima begins to question herself and if she’s really what Zac needs when she can’t get through to him about dealing with past issues.”

Zatima‘s cast includes Devale Ellis as Zac, Crystal Renee Hayslett as Fatima, Cameron Fuller as Nathan, Remington Hoffman as Bryce, Nzinga Imani as Angela, Jasmin Brown as Deja, Guyviaud Joseph as Tony, Danielle LaRoach as Belinda and Marquita Goings as Valerie.

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