“Love Is Blind” Season 4 Star Paul Throws Shots At Vanessa Lachey

Paul Vanessa lachey love is blind

Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” Season 4 Star Paul Peden wasn’t happy with the direction the reunion went in and we’re not shocked at all!

The reunion has received tons of horrible feedback and host Nick and Vanessa are currently being dragged all over social media for the way they went about questioning the contestants.

Paul is one cast member that wasn’t afraid to put Vanessa Lachey on blast after the reunion.

He shared:

“I thought that I detected a little bit of personal bias there. I’m not sure what it was,” he told People in an interview published April 17. “And I guess she’s within her right to drill on personal bias, but she shouldn’t present as being an objective neutral party if that’s the case. But I think it’s fair to continue follow-up questions. But if we’re going to go that route, we need to be able to have a full-length conversation.

Paul later shared to People that Netflix gave him the flowers and that Vanessa sent a separate message.

“They did send me flowers but that was separate from the apology,” he told the outlet. “[Vanessa] sent me a message acknowledging that she ‘may have been misled about how you wanted to defend yourself.’ I think it was supposed to be a sort of apology for the clear bias. At least that’s the way I took it.”

Do you think Vanessa went a little overboard with her hosting? Let us know what you think!

Synopsis: Singles who want to be loved for who they are have signed up for a less-conventional approach to modern dating in Seattle, and will choose someone to marry without ever meeting them. Over several weeks, the newly engaged couples will move in together, plan their wedding and find out if their physical connection matches their strong emotional bond developed in the Pods. When their wedding day arrives, will real-world realities and external factors push them apart, or will they marry the person they fell blindly in love with? Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, this addictive 12-episode series will uncover whether looks, race or age do matter, or if love really is blind.

*Week 1 (Friday, March 24): Episodes 1-5

*Week 2 (Friday, March 31): Episodes 6-8

*Week 3 (Friday, April 7): Episodes 9-11

*Week 4 (Friday, April 14): Episode 12


· Amber – 34, Flight Attendant

· April – 29, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

· Ava – 32, Communications Specialist

· Bill – 33, Real Estate Investor

· Bliss – 33, Senior Program Manager

· Brandie – 39, Real Estate Broker

· Brett – 36, Design Director

· Chelsea – 31, Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist

· Chris – 32, Technical Recruiter

· Conner – 28, Operations Manager

· Irina – 26, Business Owner

· Jack – 30, Software Sales

· Jackelina – 27, Certified Dental Assistant

· Jimmy – 29, Technical Product Manager

· Josh – 31, Project Engineer

· Josh “JP” – 30, Plant Operations Director

· Juan – 30, Mortgage Loan Officer

· Kacia – 31, Family Support Specialist

· Kendra – 33, Social Worker

· Kwame – 33, Sales Development Manager

· Marshall – 27, Marketing Manager

· Micah – 27, Marketing Manager

· Molly – 32, Marriage & Family Therapist

· Monica – 31, Elementary School Teacher

· Paul – 29, Environmental Scientist

· Quincy – 36, Gym Owner & Fitness Coach

· Ryland – 29, Commercial Insurance & Real Estate

· Tiffany – 37, Client Lead Recruiter

· Wendi – 28, Aerospace Engineer

· Zack – 31, Criminal Defense Attorney

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