“When Calls The Heart” Season 10 Debuts New Trailer

When calls the heart season 10

Hallmark’s “When Calls The Heart” Season 10 is just months away and we’re now getting brand new promos from the upcoming season!

The season debuts on July 30th and Erin Krakow recently spoke to ET about it.

She shared:

“It is quite the countdown and I got to give it to our fans! They are sticking with us, they’re loyal and they’re super patient, because we are all aware that this is a particularly long wait between season 9 and season 10. What I can say is, it’s really going to be worth the wait,” she promised. “It’s an incredible season with a lot going on — some new characters, some new romance, some drama. There’s some really funny moments. There’s a new baby coming. There is a lot happening in season 10. It’s a big season and we’re reaching our 100th episode. I feel it is, and I hope it is, worth the wait for our very patient Hearties.

I am so grateful for reaching 100 episodes because it is a harder thing to achieve with shorter seasons, as we have. We’re super lucky to have the support of a network who believes in us and in the longevity of our show and hopefully, we can make it to 150 episodes or 200 episodes. Let’s go for it; make it happen.”

Watch the new promo here:

“When Calls the Heart” follows the story of a young schoolteacher and single mother, Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow), in the quaint town of Hope Valley. When her husband is suddenly killed on duty, she must find the courage and strength to move forward. With the help and guidance of the townspeople and her friends, she adjusts to the ever-changing times and the people that enter her life.

Other central characters include Rosemary Coulter (Pascale Hutton), Elizabeth’s best friend, the town’s loveable busybody once described as “part Broadway showgirl, part Frontier woman,” and her patient husband, the upstanding businessman Leland Coulter (Kavan Smith). Judge Bill Avery (Jack Wagner) works hard to protect the town and to cement his position as Hope Valley’s ultimate authority. Fairly new to the community are Mountie Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) and saloon owner Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally), who both vie for the attention of Elizabeth. With the added pressure on deciding between her suitors, writing a novel and taking care of her son, Elizabeth continues to teach the children of Hope Valley all while trying to navigate the challenges in her life.

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