“Below Deck” Star Tyler Walker Talks Telling His Conservative Parents He’s Gay

Tyler walker below deck

Bravo’s “Below Deck” Star Tyler Walker is finally talking about coming out as Gay to his parents and his mom reaction!

Tyler recently shared that he has conservative South African parents.

He spoke with ET about how he came out to his family while filming Season 10 of the hit series

He shared:

“It was difficult. I think my mom took it the hardest. I think she struggled to understand it the most. We’re still very close, I still talk to her almost every day, but there’s still things that we have to iron out and more open discussions. I think having that initial conversation, she is more open now to speaking about certain things.

I was sweating the whole conversation but after the conversation, it was a huge relief. I do work myself up and get really in my head, so to just go in and get it done, I think it was the best thing for me to face it head-on. I’m grateful that I’ve now had the opportunity for my parents to know more about me.”

We hope they can fully accept him one day.

“Below Deck” cruises through the Caribbean for its 10th season, led by stud-of-the-sea Captain Lee. Set on the luscious island of St. Lucia, with crystal-clear waters and dramatically tapered mountains, the Pitons are sure to excite even the most discerning guests. Aboard the largest motor yacht in “Below Deck” history, the crew are impressed by the luxurious, massive 197 ft vessel St. David, but quickly learn that with a bigger boat comes bigger problems.

· Joining Captain Lee is beloved crew member Fraser Olender, but this time as Chief Stew. Discovering the learning curve on this ship is steep, he questions whether he will rise to the challenge in his new role or sink in the deep waters of the Caribbean. Fraser must also navigate a major conflict between his stews as dynamic personalities arise in the interior department. Chef Rachel Hargrove reclaims the galley, cooking her most intricate and finest cuisine yet. As she raises the bar even higher for herself, the pressure begins to mount and she struggles to stay afloat. On deck, Bosun Ross McHarg works hard, but plays harder as his romances on the crew nights out get him into hot water and becomes salty with the ladies. While the three department heads try to keep their crew in line, the entire charter season is put in jeopardy when Captain Lee makes an unexpected decision that rocks the boat to its core, leading to the most shocking season of “Below Deck” yet. 

“Below Deck” is produced by 51 Minds. Mark Cronin, Courtland Cox, Lauren Simms, Tania Hamidi, Christian Sarabia and Zachary Klein serve as executive producers.

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