“Zatima” Season 2 Cast Reacts To The Premiere Episodes

Zatima season 2

BET’s “Zatima” Season 2 is finally here and the fans are beyond excited to have the show back on BET+!

The first two episodes debuted on March 16th and by episode two, you will be bawling your eyes out at the amazing acting performance by Devale Ellis.

Episode 1: Basic Instinct


“Zac and Fatima disagree about how often to be intimate, while dealing with the fallout from the hot tub incident with Deja.”

Episode 2: Guilt Trip


“Fatima makes an indecent proposal to Zac, which gives him pause; tensions and old family drama run high as Zac visits his mother.”

See what the cast members are saying online.

Devale shared:


Watch as Zac & Fatima navigate their new love and their families while avoiding all the distractions that come along with maintaining life long friendships. You will laugh, cry and scream at your T.V.

I can’t wait for y’all to see episode 2 on @betplus When y’all finally meet Zac mother it will all come together.

Zac ain’t the same person when Jeremiah comes around. It’s like he turns into a little boy.”

Check out Crystal and Devale Drink Promo Videos:


Nzinga had a few things to get off her chest about Angela:

“Sexism definitely plays a part in the selective outrage. Both friend groups are telling the other to be careful in the new relationship yet only the ladies get labeled as jealous 🤔.

Can we talk about how y’all keep saying Angela is miserable or jealous in her relationship when Angela was happy AF in the entire first season with bae… she was oblivious about and issues until like episode 8. Soooo like I said… y’all just want her to be jealous 🤷🏾‍♀️ she’s not

I was gonna choose peace originally but sometimes I feel the need to speak on it not only as the characters but as a woman, specifically a plus-size woman. When I see people jump to “jealous” I already know where that really comes from and it has nothin to do with the character”

Guyviaud shared:

“zatimaonbetplus season 2 is something special, ya’ll not ready for what’s about to go down. we put in work to bring you quality entertainment! #zacattack is back”

Cameron shared:

“The gang!!!!
Get ready to see a lot more of these guys!

My favorite scenes are with these guys. It felt like we really captured the magic of the true essence of the barbershop.”

“We are opening enrollment for the “Army of Nathan,” aka “Nathan’s Nation” lol, requirements to join.. have to be a good sh** talker, and support Nathan in all his madness in Season 2 of Zatima lol

I promise you, by the end of the season, you’ll wish you had joined..lol 😎 😏”

Based on the tweets, this is going to be a great season.


“Zac and Fatima’s relationship is challenged on a whole new level” in Season 2. “Zac deals with internal discord which is only exacerbated after seeing his mother, Gladys, whom he hasn’t seen in quite a long time. Fatima begins to question herself and if she’s really what Zac needs when she can’t get through to him about dealing with past issues.”

Zatima‘s cast includes Devale Ellis as Zac, Crystal Renee Hayslett as Fatima, Cameron Fuller as Nathan, Remington Hoffman as Bryce, Nzinga Imani as Angela, Jasmin Brown as Deja, Guyviaud Joseph as Tony, Danielle LaRoach as Belinda and Marquita Goings as Valerie.

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