“The Challenge: World Championship” Star Grant Throws Shade At Bananas

The challenge world championship Johnny grant

MTV’s “The Challenge” Star Johnny Bananas might be a legend of the game but one particular rookie is letting it be known that he is not scared of him!!

Paramount+ “The Challenge: World Championship” is now airing on the streaming platform and Australian Challenger Grant Crapp had a few words for Bananas.

Grant was recently a guest on The Challenge Podcast to share his experience and of course Bananas name come up and Grant had a few things to get off his chest.

He shared:

“That Bananas fella, I think he’s a bit of a Peter Pan dude. He’d have to be mid-40s, 50, wouldn’t he? Far out, mate. I’m looking at him, and I’m like I think I said to Troy, “Dude, I know this guy probably one of the better ones, but far out, I don’t know if he’s had too much Botox or he’s trying to relive his single bachelor life, like that’s what I get from that guy, you know?

The way I look at it is everyone tries to live in Johnny Bananas’ world, and that just doesn’t go down with me. I think the dude like he’s played the game for so long. They should like wheel him out in the retirement village for The Challenge now”

Grant was featured on podcast episode titled “Run The World”


“Australia’s own Grant Crapp is here to talk about the very first episode of The Challenge: World Championship with Aneesa and Da’Vonne. They get into everything from ankle biters and coat hangers to “a peter pan fellow” and “this red headed bloke.”

Catch new episodes The Challenge: World Championship, Wednesdays on Paramount+ and we’ll see you back here next week for a brand-new episode of MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast.”

Listen Here: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/1119-mtvs-official-challenge-p-74640970/episode/run-the-world-w-grant-crapp-110224749/

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