“The Challenge” Fans Reacts To Tori’s Response To Amber Being Autistic

Amber Tori the challenge autism

MTV’s “The Challenge” Season 38 just finished airing and the show is already set to make a return on Paramount+ for it’s Global Championship series soon!!

The season is set to feature 1X champions Amber Borzotra and Tori Deal.

According to fans across social media, Tori is a long time hater of Amber and even went into the Global Championship house telling the newbies to not trust her. Amber was very confused by that hate and now after announcing that she was diagnosed as autistic, fans and challengers from all over are coming to her defense against Tori’s actions behind the scenes.

View tweets below:

“TBH, this is disheartening. I applauded Tori for her openness about her mental health journey, but it’s a choice to talk about it openly.

Much love to Amber for her willingness to talk. I can only hope that people learn from their judgments in the past.” – MTVsChallenges

“Also, back to your original tweet, let’s try not to limit individuals w/ Autism. They are very capable of doing what everybody else does. Including living in a house w/ 20+ ppl. More challenging for them? Possibly but also extremely doable depending on their level on the spectrum” – LEmmel15

“Autism is called a spectrum for a reason. Just because your friends are a certain way doesn’t mean everyone with autism is a certain way. Ian Terry literally won BB14.” – Will Coleman

“L take here. Its a spectrum and it varies from person to person, a lot of us are low support needs and can maintain jobs and relationships.” – JSarcastic0

“I think this also helps explain a lot of the hate she gets from her castmates despite never really doing anything wrong. All the hate is phrased like “she’s fake” or “I just don’t like her” and it’s always just about her not fitting in with like, general social niceties.” – AllOfTheJuice

Such a mean spirited group of people. Sending love to Amber.

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