“Are You The One” Season 9 Is The Worst Out Of The Franchise

Are you the one season 9

MTV’s “Are You The One” is back for Season 9 and fans all over were happy to hear that the show was making a comeback.

This time the show is going Global and after giving the show and cast a fair chance, we can honestly say that Paramount+ dropped the ball tragically.

The cast of this season isn’t likable and most of them aren’t educated on basic life skills like how to spot racism and misogyny. There’s tons of drama on Twitter between the cast but it’s really irrelevant because Paramount+ edited most of the real things that went on in the house.

One cast member in particular is the main target and he’s not backing down from any of them:

Eduardo Dickson Jr.

Eduardo is from New York, and is an entrepreneur. He’s using Twitter to let his cast mates know that he’s not going to kiss their a** to fit into their little group.

More Standouts:

Dew Pineda –

Dew is from Spain and works as an executive assistant. The reality star is also not backing down specifically from the ignorant men this season. She’s not afraid to let fans know that the guys in the house weren’t taking rejection well.

Jordanne Deveaux –

Jordanne is from Miami, Florida. She’s a designer, runs her own swimsuit business and models. She’s gorgeous! We love looking at her post when she shares her model work. Jordanne has been very vocal about the rude men in the house this season.

We’ve enjoyed more of the women than the men that’s for sure and we hope Paramount+ ditch the Global theme for Season 10 and get back to the basics! “Perfect Match” on Netflix made this season look like a Disney Channel Original.

Give the fans the formula and stop trying to change it!

Also; The Host Kamie Crawford is a Queen!

Meet the ARE YOU THE ONE? season nine contestants:


· Anissa Aguilar / United States of America

· Brooke Rachman / United States of America

· Ciara “CC” Cortez / United States of America

· Courtney Rowe / United Kingdom

· Danielle Bonaparte / United States of America

· Dew Anderson / Spain

· Jordanne Deveaux / United States of America

· Julia-Ruth Smith / New Zealand

· Mijntje Lupgens / Netherlands

· Rosalyn “Roz” Odujebe / Ireland

· Taylor Kelly / United States of America


· Aqel Carson / United States of America

· Brendan Mosca / Australia

· Clayton Carey / Australia

· Eduardo Dickson Jr. / United States of America

· Hamudi Hasoon / New Zealand

· Leo Svete / United States of America

· Michael “Mikey” Owusu / United Kingdom

· Nathan Grant / United Kingdom

· Oliver “Ollie” Andersen / United Kingdom

· Shamal “Samuel” Khan / United Kingdom

· William Gagnon / United States of America

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