“Summer House” Star Kyle Put On Blast For Dissing Carl’s Past Addiction

Summer house season 7 Carl kyle

Bravo’s “Summer House” Season 7 viewers are not too happy with Kyle Cooke’s actions on the current season!

In the latest episode Kyle Cooke showed his frustration with Carl Radke which resulted in Kyle throwing very mean and personal shots at Carl while in front of others.

Check out fans reactions below:

“No matter what, I really don’t like when drunk Kyle is talking shit about his best friend and less about the whole business in front of everyone on a restaurant when Carl is not even there 😠 how ethic that? I wouldn’t trust him with anything! vacations, policies… #SummerHouse” – Claudia

“I can’t believe it took me this long to realize Kyle actually preferred Carl when he was struggling because it made HIM look good. So he could remain in the spotlight and say that he ‘helped’ him. Give me a fn break. Kyle has always been the embarrassing one. If Carl was such an unhireable, incapable embarrassment, why make him the public face of your company? Kyle’s drunken rant about Carl is screaming jealousy imo. Of someone who finally has his sh** together and the freedom to choose what he wants to do w his future. #summerhouse” – DontBeAllUnc

“The Carl/Kyle situation is very layered: They’re good friends on a TV show, one of them works for the other, is also on a fairly new sobriety journey after losing his brother and is dating someone they were both friends with. Their issues aren’t Lindsay’s fault. #SummerHouse” – GibsonJohns

“For me it’s the fact that Kyle is suppose to be Carls best friend yet is using carls lowest moment during a drunken rant. Carl has admitted to what he has done, why would any good friend want to make their friend relive their lowest moments?” – Steph

Ouch! What are your thoughts?

Returning this summer are Mya Allen, Amanda Batula, Kyle Cooke, Paige DeSorbo, Lindsay Hubbard, Ciara Miller, Danielle Olivera and Carl Radke. The housemates are joined by new friends Samantha Feher, Chris Leoni and Gabby Prescod, as well as old friends Andrea Denver and Kory Keefer.

“Summer House” is produced by Truly Original with Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Jamie Jakimo, Trish Gold and Faith Gaskins serving as executive producers, and by Left Hook Media, with Matt Odgers and Scott Teti as executive producers. Sean Clifford also serves as executive producer.

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