“The Challenge” 38 Fans Thinks Production Helped Tori Deal Win

Tori deal the challenge 38 win

MTV’s “The Challenge” Season 38 is finally over and we have our winners!!

Tori Deal and Devin Walker took home the ultimate prize on The Challenge: Ride or Dies beating Johnny Bananas and Nany Gonzalez.

Many fans are starting to question Tori Deal’s win after she answered a few fan questions on Instagram.

She shared;

Challenge Expert ‘GamerVev’ replied:

“Why wasn’t Fessy given a pass in one of those finals due to his religion?

Why wasn’t Diem given a pass for A LOT while battling cancer? Instead production chose to play on her illness and the side-effects that came with her treatments.

Why does Tori Deal get handed a win?

EAT b****! This is The Challenge & you did NOT challenge yourself – least impressive win ever for females!

TWO cast members have actually privately messaged me, one saying she was eating chicken and another saying they saw her eating and drinking dairy products. This b**** is LYING!”

Fans reacted:

“So shes a vegan so they gave HER a pass but they decided not to give a pass to Nehemiah (who was a vegan in AS3), KellyAnne (who is pescatarian in AS1) or Faysal (who couldn’t drink the pigs blood in Double Agents because of him being Muslim)” – Prioritizing_

“Because they want her to look so good so when Cara comes back it will set up a good rivalry even know Cara is 10 times better then tori” – MTVChallenge07

“She cheated her way into a win. And the season before Kaycee got gifted CT as a partner at the very last second. The vacation alliance is full of asterisk wins” – 20secondstattoo

Interesting! What are your thoughts? Do you think Tori was given favoritism during the final so she could get a win?

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