“Black Mafia Family” Star Lil Meech Calls Big Meech & They Clown “Power: Ghost”

Bmf starz power

The beef between Starz “Power Book 2: Ghost” and “Black Mafia Family” cast is one of the funniest beefs of all time and it’s all love and jokes on both ends!

The little playful rivalry has gotten so big that even Lil Meech father Big Meech knows about it and he had a couple opinions on Michael Rainey Jr’s character in “Power: Ghost”

Lil Meech shared:

Of course Michael had to share a come back:

Fans reacted and choose their side of the beef:

“bro bmf so unrealistic them n***** was wearing psd boxers 😂😂 & MCM 😩 sh** need to be on tubi fr” – BeatsByBlizzy

“He don’t really need none of that right now and would suspicious if he did. He’s just trying to make it to graduation to receive his fathers inheritance. How would he look as a college student with his dad dead, mother under fed protection but he got a 2023 Range Rover. Cmon now” – Fresco

“People gotta understand the story line Tariq in college being investigated for being a drug dealer how he just gonna pop out with all this money knowing his trust fund blocked till he graduate lol” Finesse103

“I think that’s what the show is about 😂. He went against his family to sell drug’s because he thought he was good at it . Now he’s encountering all the things he ain’t plan for , he’s not like ghost and kanan. He gets extorted, robbed , lawyer fees , family issues , etc” – Handz2k

“He got valid ass points 😂 but he gotta let Tariq vibe until he can have a solid foundation built like Ghost did.. Tariq does stay in some trouble tho 😭” – RetrooFresh

Who’s side are you on?

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