“Love Island USA” Star Timmy Tells His Side Of The Break Up With Zeta

Timmy zeta love island usa

Peacock’s “Love Island USA” Season 4 winners Zeta and Timmy has officially split but the drama is just getting started!

An interview was recently shared of Zeta giving her side of the story and Timmy and his sister was not happy about the video.

After conversations took over social media, Timmy finally shared a few words with TMZ:

Later, his interview dropped:

Here’s a few standout comments from fans under the video:

“Timmy you really didn’t address a lot of the important issues Zeta brought up. The comment your sister made? Bringing her to London? You not walking Zeta to her car at 2 am? You really said a bunch of nothing. We know Zeta was great TV. She gave what she was supposed to for the viewers! I’m glad someone was looking out for us or we would have been bored. We need answers about outside the villa. I appreciate you trying but this didn’t really clear anything up.” – SG

“i’m crying cause this video is just proving that zeta was right about his communication being sh*t.” – Mani K

“Why ask HER to be exclusive????! If there were so many issues you couldn’t get past? You didn’t need to do that to win. You were singing her praises on a live you did BY YOURSELF! Your business partner asked you to do that too? Was that part of the business agreement too? Was an issue she couldn’t get past the other women you were involved with? That was part of the agreement too?” – je bur

“I will say this. You both deserve happiness in life no matter what. It was obvious how the chemistry went. No matter what or who people will always want to lay the blame on someone. You both are very mature adults, and communication is the key to any relationship. Sadly, you’re not together but I believe you two can at least try to make it cordial with one another. I will say this about you, Timmy, I thank you for not saying something negative about Zeta. I will pray for you both for the paths you both choose to go. God bless you both.” – Ebony Dart

“Timmy is reiterating what we already know. This was a business venture for him. He’s trying so hard to push the narrative that Z was part of it and was fully aware. People go on love Island to advance their careers among other things, common knowledge. What’s unacceptable is fooling around with people’s emotions. You played that woman. If it was business purely for you, you should have never convinced her that you could see it outside the villa, especially if there were serious underlying issues that you both didn’t see eye to eye on. In one of the reaction videos, you listed Z and Serenity as your top 2 girls. Your intentions going in weren’t pure at all. It was to couple up with the available dark skin girl because that’s what America loves. Capitalised on colorism. Even if you were sick. It doesn’t cost a thing to offer Z a ride. OK, cool, you were sick. Why did you turn down her offer to take you to the airport? You kept your distance with the other islanders because they probably knew you better. You don’t give a fuck about any and everyone but you. You’re a USER. FRAUD. LIAR. SELFISH. It was just a matter of time before the mask fell off. Stop using AUTHENTIC. You’re a FAKE.” – Shay

“That’s 30 minutes of our lives we can never get back. He said a whole lotta words to say a whole lotta nothing. 🤦🏻‍♀️ He didn’t even address the important shit. And him constantly referring to Zeta as a business partner. 🫠

Zeta went back to London, she’s there right now. The episode was not recorded in December. SO again he’s lying.” – KC

“Also Zeta did not pre film that interview. She was actually seen hanging out with Murad a few days ago in LONDON. She also spoke (during the interview) about having gone back to LA as if it was in the past tense…” – Faiyazedits

Let’s us know your thoughts?


Hosted by actress Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) and narrated by UK comedian and LOVE ISLAND fan favorite Iain Stirling, last season of LOVE ISLAND USA, from ITV Entertainment was hotter than ever as Islanders couple up in new surroundings where challenges excite and bombshells abound. Throughout their stay, temptations rise and drama ensues as Islanders are forced to decide if they want to remain with their current partners or “recouple” with someone new. Islanders are also at the mercy of viewers at home who will vote to determine who gets another shot at love and who leaves the villa heartbroken and empty-handed.

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