“Sistas” & “Zatima” Star Devale Ellis Talks Removing Ego From Parenting

Devale Ellis Sistas

BET’s “Sistas” & “Zatima” Star Devale Ellis is hands down one of the best fathers online and it’s not up for debate!

If you read every Devale interview, you will definitely spot a gem out in each and every one of the interviews.

In an interview with Romper, Devale and Khadeen was asked:

How does your Dead A** approach to situations flow into your parenting and how you interact with your boys?

They shared:

Devale: As transparent as we are with you guys, we’re just as transparent with our children. Because if there’s one thing Khadeen and I both say, it’s that we wish our parents were more upfront about their flaws.

Khadeen: Of course, we want our children to be better versions of us, too. But with that comes a different style of parenting that probably would have been frowned upon from my parents. There’s a lot of conversation that happens in our house with our 10-year-old, even with our 4-year-old, who I feel like can just comprehend so much more than his age; he’s just like an old soul. There’s very transparent conversation, of course, age appropriate as they grow, but it’s very necessary because we want this to be a safe space for them. We want them to understand that yes, you know we’re striving for you to be excellent, but also, along the way there are going to be bumps and there are going to be lumps, but home is a safe space for them.”

We loved this quote shared in the interview:

“The ego has now been removed from parenting, and that’s something we’re conscious about. There are lessons that you can learn from your children, and the grace and the space that you give them to vocalize that is so necessary.”

We loved this interview and thought we should share one of our favorite parts.

Read more: https://www.romper.com/life/khadeen-devale-ellis-have-the-friendship-we-all-want

Catch Devale on “Sistas” and “Zatima” and don’t forget to check out Devale and Khadeen new book “We Over Me” coming soon.

Sistas follows a group of single Black females as they navigate their “complicated love life,” careers and friendship through the ups and downs of living in a modern world of social media and unrealistic relationship goals. The women must navigate this new-age dating scene as they continue to search for love in their 30’s.

Sistas ensemble cast includes KJ Smith, Mignon, Ebony Obsidian, Novi Brown, Crystal Renee’ Hayslett, DeVale Ellis, Chido Nwokocha, Anthony Dalton II, Brian Jordan Jr., Kevin A. Walton, and Trinity Whiteside.

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