“The Rookie” Star Titus Makin Jr. Left The Show On His Own Terms

The rookie Titus

ABC’s “The Rookie” fans has been wondering lately where is Titus Odell Makin Jr. who portrays Jackson West on the show?!

The actor starred on the show for 3 seasons but even season 3 was kind of rocky for him because of what was happening in the world.

He shared with EW:

“It was a bit of a bigger situation than I was able to fully describe at that time. Because it starts back for me, even just playing a cop in the first place, which was a hurdle [with] where I’m from and how I viewed the cops growing up. To play one, I already was wrestling with, “Oh man, people are gonna think I’m Team Cops.” And the reality was I was struggling.

But even more so recently when we were about to come back for season 3, with everything that was happening in the press that we were seeing, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, all those things going on. It really helped me find a voice within myself that I think a lot of people are finding right now. I’ve been somebody who wants the better good, but I’ve never really vocalized that. I’ve never really said anything. I’ve been scared to ruffle feathers. I’ve been scared to go against the grain.

Thankfully, our showrunner is amazing and has a huge heart. I was like, “This could get me fired, but I know for myself, as the man I’m becoming, that I need to say something, and I don’t feel right about going to tell a story about a cop [and] not addressing the reality of what that cop may be going through.” [Hawley] was like, “What if I do this? What if I work up the story arc and let you see where we plan to go?” We had a nice Zoom call with the entire cast. He asked all of our opinions about how we felt about things going on, playing a cop, what’s going on in our heads, and how we could apply that into the story line? Then he sent me my story arc and said, “Hey, take a look at this. Tell me if this gives you any more peace as to what you’re about to walk into.” And it did. He was amazing and willing to attack all those topics that I was afraid wouldn’t be touched by this character. So this season is going to be loaded with those for Jackson, and it definitely did play a factor into my return.

I’m extremely grateful that ABC and The Rookie has given us a platform and have been so willing to tell these tricky stories. It’s something that they very well could have ignored, but they don’t want to. They’ve been great about like, “Let’s go for it. Let’s create the conversations. Let’s open up the floor.” I’m just thankful to be a part of the show that’s willing to do that.”

Titus did not return for Season 4 which The Rookie showrunner Alexi Hawley shared he had no option but to kill off his character Jackson.

We think the pressure starring on the show got to him and we understand it completely.

What are your thoughts?

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