“The Challenge” Season 38 Star Amber Felt The Women Isolated Her

The challenge 38 Amber

MTV’s “The Challenge” Champ Amber Borzotra hasn’t had the easiest time on the show even though she became a Challenge Champ during her rookie season!

Amber winning the show so early came with lots of pressure and hate from women who’s been on the show longer than her that didn’t win yet.

The reality star got her start on “Big Brother” and made her way onto “The Challenge” where she wasn’t even welcomed into the “Big Brother” alliance as much. She was the last resort of the group.

She recently spoke about wishing women challengers like Kam would return to the show because Kam was much more open and nice than the other vets.

Amber recently went on The Challenge Podcast where she spoke about her experience in the house during Season 38:

A fan asked:

“I’m actually confused like why are they hosting when it comes to amber like!! @DayDaVonne_ & @DevynSimone plz tell me u did an interview with her too because this is not it. #TheChallenge38” – mtv_realityjay

We hope casting will choose better vets next time because the same ones being cast are pulling the show down a lot.

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