“The Circle” Star Chaz Defends Brett & Xanthi From Anti-Black Comments

Xanthi Brett Chaz the circle

Netflix’s “The Circle” Season 5 fans are 100% pointing fingers at Jennifer this season stating that she’s the villain!

Jennifer is played by contestants Brett and Xanthi who were both eliminated from the game in the beginning of the season but were given a second chance by “The Circle”. They were given the profile of a older woman named Jennifer.

See what fans are seeing about their portrayal of Momma Jennifer:

“The last few episodes of the Circle has me INFURIATED. Sam and Raven should’ve blocked Jennifer and ALSO Tom should’ve revealed that Jennifer was the hacker

Blocking Marvin was a mistake for Raven because regardless of her forgiving him or not he STILL had her back. I’m mad but I’m INVESTED” – nowayitslj

“Sam on the circle is literally SO SMART holy sh*t the way she worked out the hacker could be Jennifer because she knows hers and Chaz’s nicknames #TheCircleNetflix” – foreverrainyy

“i’m convinced the people on the circle are told to make the dumbest decisions possible when they’re influencers because you’re telling me that even after sam figured out that jennifer was the hacker, SHE STILL CHOSE TO BLOCK MARVIN???? #TheCircleNetflix” – Dominique

“I want Jennifer GONE. It was cute at first, but now it’s def an unfair advantage. Two people playing as one allows them to strategize and collaborate on details one forgot.

The Circle should’ve at least changed their ethnicity or something to make it harder

#TheCircleNetflix” – _OSAY_

“The circle USA shows us how white people hate when black women get liked for being themselves. Look at raven how she’s just being amazing and positive and the catfish “Jennifer” played by a white woman and white man and they’re just horrid towards her unprovoked mmmm” – TravelWithTilly

“xanthi and brett are so f***** racist im sorry but where was tamira being aggressive or beefing with jennifer ?? she literally told them sasha was the one that came off aggressive with that newbie sh*t and they just ignored it,, yall just hate her bffr #TheCircleNetflix” – cicithatsmee

Chaz came to their defense:

What are your thoughts?

The seven everyday contestants who have chosen to play the game as themselves are: Brett Robinson (from “Big Brother 20”), Chaz Lawery, Marvin Achi, Oliver Twixt, Sam Carmona, Raven Sutton (and her interpreter Paris), Tom Houghton and Xanthi Perdikomatis.

The deceptive players entering as catfish are: Billie-Jean Blackett (as her ex “Bruno”), Brian Clark (as his daughter “Brittney”) and Tasia Lesley (as “Tamira”).

Also, the season seen the return of Shubham Goel from “The Circle” Season 1.

Final Episode: Week 4 (January 18, 2023)

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