“Sistas” & “Zatima” Star Devale Ellis Shares Inspiring Parenting Post

Devale Ellis Sistas

BET’s “Sistas” and “Zatima” Star Devale Ellis is bringing in 2023 with his first parenting post of 2023 and we’re here for it!

The actor took to Instagram to share how his year started off.

He shared:

“First Monday of 2023… Jax woke me up early this morning to get his workout in before attending a party. It was HIS choice to get it out the way before the party, but I knew he would regret the decision the minute he ACTUALLY had to be up. Normal kid stuff, BUT there is a lesson in every moment.

One thing I’ve learned over time is that people really don’t know how loud their body language and attitude speaks regardless of what they are actually saying with words. To be honest, I didn’t get it either until I started watching myself on camera. I could tell what mood I was in just by watching my stance and posture. It didn’t matter how much I tried to laugh and smile it all away. 

I now use that information to empathize with my sons while teaching them to understand their emotions and holding them accountable. Allowing them to make decisions and deal with the consequences NOW while the stakes are low will teach them how to navigate life when the stakes are too high to make a poor decision. I also try my best to maintain my composure during these lessons. Being the example while teaching is way more important than any words I could string together. 

I’m pretty sure he listened to what I said but didn’t hear a damn thing…😂🤷🏾‍♂️ I guarantee you he WATCHED me the entire time though… Waiting for the moment he could say, “but Dad You’re not controlling your emotions.”😏💪🏾 I expect that from him, because that’s exactly who I was at that age. A young kid looking to deflect and place blame elsewhere. But I had a father that talked to me while also listening. Jax will be just fine, he may be nodding and yessing me to death now, but he’ll hear with understanding later. 😁

P.S. Every workout isn’t a physical test. This workout might be the most important of the year because of the psychological and emotional strain. Sometimes you get better and you don’t even break a sweat. DEAD A**!”

First Family Video Of 2023:

Love this family so much and wish them nothing but the best! We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this year!

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