“Sistas” Season 5 Winter Premiere Has Fans Hoping It’s Not Zac’s Baby

Bet sistas Zac Karen Fatima

BET’s “Sistas” Season 5 Winter Premiere was a very eventful night on social media and that’s expected with the Karen/Zac/Baby storyline!

Tyler Perry isn’t over the storyline and we’ve been watching it unfold for some time now.

Fans are still hoping that the baby is not Zac’s and we’re on their side.

The winter premiere was titled “Backlash”


“Fatima sets a plan in motion to get back at Hayden; Zac and Fatima travel into uncomfortable territory with Karen, putting their relationship to the test.”

See fans reactions to the episode below:

“Idgaf if it is Zac baby or not. Karen you still need to move tf on… cause Zac getting married to Fatima ! #SistasOnBET” – iambitiousqueen

“I hope that baby is Aaron’s , Karen want Zac to be that baby’s father so she can make his life a living hell with baby momma #1 😒 You didn’t want the man, you wanted Aaron… now he moved on and got a bigger bag you want em, go to hell Karen pleaseeeee” – Amour_Shatiaa

“I think it’s Aaron’s baby. Karen knows it Aaron’s baby. She’s gonna make Zac a part of her life but something is going to happen where there is gonna be a need for blood transfusion or something to that matter. Watch and see👀” – Rhonda

“I’m glad Zac switched up going to the salon to talk to Karen with a meeting at his and Fatima’s place. Karen can claim the recent exam shows Zac as the father, BUT Fatima is gonna want that DNA test when the baby is born!” – Jccarden

Cameron trolling haha:

“I’m still not convinced that’s Zac’s baby. Way Karen question the Dr. about the dates, “the 12th and not the 19th”. Says to me she was hoping for the 19th. Plus her hesitation to tell Danni and Andi mean she thought about her lie.” – saphire3025

“I know some people say Karen not jumping to call Zac because she’s processing and she letting him go i would have agreed with you if she didn’t tell Andi to go ahead and call your girl and tell her this is Zac baby sis is still the same BITTER #SistasOnBET” – teampre87

Do you think it’s really Zac’s child or is Karen just bitter? Let us know what you think below.

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